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'Til cancellation do us part

The justice of the peace. Josh and Lily vow to love, cherish, blah blah blah. Remember when Lily seemed to be heading for lesbianism? What ever happened to that? I am so happy this show is getting its ass cancelled because this is the stupidest plot development since Harrison's leukemia.

The Palace. Jane reams out Brooke and Sam for all the damage they did in the restaurant. She starts to force them to apologize, but before she can, she goes into labor. Oh wait, forget what I said about Josh and Lily's wedding being the stupidest plot development since Harrison's leukemia. Here's something even stupider.

More Josh and Lily getting married. They are pronounced man and wife by the crotchety old judge, who can't even pronounce their names correctly. Oh my God, they did it! How...dumb!

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