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It's hard out here for a gimp

"Would you like to watch that again?" asks Eko. Heh. Locke, looking thoughtful, says he's seen enough.

After coming back from commercial, Eko's gathering stuff up, to Locke's befuddlement, because he's taking it back in case it's important. "'Important'? I'm sorry, weren't you just watching the same thing I was?" says Locke, who's all crabby now and rubbing his bald head for extra irritation signification. Eko says he thinks the work John has been doing -- you know, pushing a button -- is more important now than ever. "That's not work. That's a joke. Rats in a maze with no cheese," Locke grouches. No kidding. Well, at least I get paid to recap it. Eko says they are being tested. "The reason to do it, push the button, is not because we are told to do so in a film." No, it was because you were told to do it by a crazy Scotsman. Same difference. Eko says they do it because they believe they are meant to, and isn't that the reason Locke pushed it? "I was never meant to do anything!" yells Locke. "Every single second of my pathetic little life is as useless as that button! You think it's necessary? It's nothing. It's nothing. It's meaningless. And who are you to tell me that it's not?" Eko doesn't answer, like most priests can't when the stock "we're being tested" response fails to satisfy someone asking why bad things happen to good people. At least priests get to hold out the hope of heaven. What's the big reward here? More Dharma goldfish crackers?

Flashback to Eko at the airport, getting his boarding pass for Flight 815. He thanks the woman at the counter, and turns to go, and then sees the non-drowned Charlotte standing there. "What are you doing here?" he asks. She says she had to see him. Funny she says that, since there's something disconcerting about her eyes, and it's hard to tell just what it is she's looking at. Eko tries to interject something about Charlotte's father's objections; Charlotte says she knows Eko will probably think she's crazy, but she has a message for him and she promised to deliver it. "He says you were a good priest," she says. Who says that, Eko wants to know. "Yemi," says Charlotte. Eko's completely shocked, and then his face gets hard. "Speaking about my brother is not a joke, so you should be very careful what you say next," he tells her. Charlotte says she saw Yemi when she was "between places" and he said Eko would come to see her. "He said that even though you were pretending, you're a good man." Eko asks if her father put her up to this, but Charlotte continues. "He wants you to know that he will see you soon. He said that even though you don't have faith in yourself, that he has faith in you." Eko still ain't buying it; he demands to know what Charlotte wants from him, why she's doing this to him. He's angry to the point that a passing busybody -- Libby, as it turns out -- asks if everything's all right. Charlotte nods that it is, and Libby strolls away. A last-second presence in someone else's flashback? She's totally dead soon. Charlotte repeats that Yemi has faith in Eko. "One day you'll believe me," she says, and walks away.

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