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Back at Pearl Station, Eko is holding out his cross, like maybe Locke turned into a vampire during the flashback, and telling Locke the story of his brother, and how Eko betrayed him and so he got shot and died, and then they both crashed on this island, Yemi in the plane that landed right over top of this new hatch, and blah blah blah. At least Triple-A is able to sell it, and I guess it beats Eko saying he believe his brother is sending him messages through "pennies from heaven" or some damn thing. "I believe the work being done in the hatch is more important than anything. If you will not continue to push the button, John, I will." Locke reflects on this as Eko silently gathers up some hatch crap and stuffs it in his bag, wondering if that means Eko's going to cover the rest of his button shifts.

And they're both missing a pretty moving episode of Swan Station, in which the doctor is injecting Libby with the heroin. She's breathing very shallowly. Jack notices Hurley standing in the doorway. He asks to talk to her. Jack says sure, and leaves.

Hurley crouches by the bedside, and tries not to cry as he says, "Hey, it's Hurley. Hugo." He tries to not cry some more. She's already noticeably more relaxed. "I'm sorry I forgot the blankets! I'm sorry I forgot the blankets!" he sobs. Oh, dear. You know, I shed a tear when Donny bit it in The Big Lebowski. And Emma Thompson holding it together (and then later privately breaking down) after receiving a Joni Mitchell CD for Christmas from her husband instead of jewelry that apparently went to her husband's mistress in Love, Actually choked me up quite hard. Hell, I bawled like a baby when Paul Walker was reunited with the huskies in Eight Below, for God's sake. So I'm not the most hard-hearted guy in the world. Having said that, "I'm sorry I forgot the blankets!" cracked my shit up. I'm sorry about that. I don't think Hurley's the best actor on this show, and he normally doesn't really get much to work with, and I guess he's okay here. But damn, "I'm sorry I forgot the blankets"? Oh, great, I'm giggling again. Even Jack is looking around like he's thinking, "'Blankets'? The fuck?"

So anyway, Libby opens her eyes, and starts trying to say something. Jack comes back over. "Michael!" she gasps. Jack tells her that Michael's okay: "He made it, Libby. It's okay. It's all right." Unfortunately, Libby doesn't have enough breath left in her to gasp, "No, you idiot! Michael shot me!" And come on. Put yourself in Jack's shoes. What would your initial reaction be? Would you assume that Libby was trying to tell you that Michael, who has worked his ass off to help people and to try to get off the island since they crashed, shot two people and himself? Or would you think that she was asking after someone who, as far as you know, is your friend? I'm way more irritated with the cheesy murderer's-name-as-death-rattle end to Libby here than Jack not guessing what she meant.

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