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It's hard out here for a gimp

Jack does that palm thing that I hope I remember to do if someone ever dies in my arms, where you close a corpse's open eyes. Hurley breaks down sobbing. Jack, Mr. Bedside Manner himself, pats him on the shoulder and then fucks off, like he practically peels rubber getting out of there. It's possible he was heading for a bawling Kate, but Sawyer's got her in hand, literally. Now that's how you comfort someone, Jack. He goes for the classic doctor-who-lost-a-patient cooldown where he does his best not to get all emotional. He just needs someone there so he can say something soft yet steely, like, "It never gets any easier."

Eko and Locke walk and hobble, respectively, through the jungle. We hear the Swan Station timer beeping. And Michael's standing in the armoury, alibi now unassailable. He looks up, and he looks freaky, y'all. He stares, if the camera cut is any indication, at the Appleocalypse II, and its blinking prompt. On the outside, he looks serious. On the inside, he's typing "LOL" like mad.

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