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It's hard out here for a gimp

In a flashback, Eko's meeting with the coroner, who nervously asks if the Vatican's really interested in this story. Eko says it depends on what he puts in his report. The coroner says he got a call around 1 AM about a dead woman who'd been in the woods for a couple of hours. Eko asks if he has much experience with this type of death, and he says, "Of course, I am an undertaker." Eko gives him a look, so the dude defensively says that the undertaking is his day job, but he's fully qualified to be a coroner, having gone to medical school and everything. Eko asks when he discovered the girl wasn't dead. "During the autopsy," is the answer. "During the autopsy?" asks Eko. The coroner says he didn't expect to be believed, so he's got the audiotape from the autopsy. He pushes play on the tape recorder, and gets up from his desk to pace.

On the tape, we hear the coroner recounting the date and the time, that sort of thing, and also flirting with the assistant. Nice. Eko looks slightly amused at that, but the coroner's not smiling. On the tape, we hear him call it a clear case of drowning, and he announces he's going to start with the thoracic incision, but then there's shrill screaming, and yelling, and clattering, at least for a few seconds, before the coroner ejects the tape and hands it to Eko, telling him to take it, as he's never going to listen to that tape again.

Back in the jungle, Locke's sort of busting on Eko for getting lost already, but Eko points out that the map is "inexact." Well, it's a drawn-from-memory doodle of a diagram Locke saw for about ten seconds. You ain't gonna find Chester Copperpot's gold with it. "I didn't draw it, I just transcribed it. I don't even know if it is a map," says Locke in his own defence. "Let's assume it is," says Eko, which is kind what they've been doing for the last few hours wandering around the jungle, isn't it? Locke asks Eko what the axe is for. "I don't know yet," is his answer, which is not that reassuring coming from an impulse head-butter.

They come out into the clearing where the Boone-killing, dead-brother-transporting, burned-out plane is lying belly-up on the ground. Good thing they needed a map to get to a place where many people have already been. Eko asks if Locke wasn't the person who found the plane. Locke says he was, only it was up on the cliff. Eko shines his flashlight up the vines and roots or whatever hanging down the face. "And what made it fall?" he asks. "Boone. Boone made it fall. And he died. The sacrifice that the island demanded," says Locke (which kind of glosses over his own involvement), the last bit almost to himself, but Eko hears him, so Locke is all, "Never mind." He ask Eko what they're going to do now. Eko says they're going to make camp, get some sleep, "and wait for further instructions."

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