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It's hard out here for a gimp

They arrive at Sawyer's tent, and he says, "After you." "I thought you were taking me to your stash," she says. Not too quick on the uptake this episode, is she? Sawyer sighs and asks if she has to make everything so difficult. He tells her just to go inside, which she does, puzzled. Inside, under tarp and sand and what looks like a piece of Oceanic Flight 815 wreckage, is a stash of guns, ammo and Virgin Mary statues. Kate's shocked: "You kept the guns here. All this time, right under you," she says. Sawyer smirks. "Fooled you, didn't I?" In hindsight, it's really kind of an Occam's Razor thing, isn't it? I mean, how would one guy keep tabs on the guns? He'd have to sleep sometime, right? Anyway, they exit the tent, and Hurley approaches them. Oh, shit, right. Hurley. He asks if they've seen Libby around. Sawyer lowers his head, and even Kate's at a loss for words. But, for real: how long did Libby have to vanish for, on an island with polar bears, monsters, wild boars, and Others, before Hurley decided to ask all hangdog if anyone's seen her?

Then we cut to a bullshit dialogue-free long shot, where Kate puts her arm on Hurley's shoulder, and it looks like he's reacting slightly to the news. Kind of like what they did when Shannon was told about Boone's death. It's not as bad as a 7th Heaven's skipping-the-actual-wedding thing, but the more they do it, the bigger a cop-out it is. ["I was fine with it, given that I found the profoundly sad reactions to Libby's death somewhat out of line with how long they'd known her, namely about ten minutes. Earn it, show." -- Sars]

Eko and Locke are in the jungle, with Eko poking at the coals of the fire while Locke is asleep, like no wonder they can't find this damn thing, with Locke sleeping all the time. Anyway, Yemi's in the bushes, so we know this is another dream sequence. Eko's thrilled to see him, but Yemi shushes him, telling him he'll wake John. Fat chance of that. Yemi tells Eko to follow him, which he does. Interestingly, Eko is limping, clearly favouring one leg over another, for reasons that will become clear in a moment.

Yemi starts climbing up the cliff, using the roots. After a moment's hesitation, Eko follows, using the axe to help pull himself up. He reaches the top, where he sees Yemi smiling, sitting in a wheelchair. "Wake up, John," says Yemi. Yes, "John." Eko yells, and then falls backwards down the cliff. You know, there really ought to be a law against using dream sequences in the previews the week before an episode airs.

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