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It's hard out here for a gimp

So anyway, it was Locke's dream, and he's fantasizing about being Eko, hey? He wakes up suddenly, with Eko asking him if he's okay. Eko's guessed by Locke's discombobulation that Locke had a dream, and asks if there was a priest in it. Locke nods. "The man that you saw was my brother," says Eko, pleased, but Locke is naturally even more puzzled, so Eko says, "This is why we needed to come together. This is how we are going to be led, and how we will know where to go next." You know, if I were Yemi, I'd be leading the man responsible for my death directly to his doom, but whatever, Eko. Eko presses Locke for information on what Yemi was saying. Locke says he didn't really say anything, and it wasn't even Locke in the dream; it was Eko, and Yemi wanted Eko to follow him. "Follow him where?" asks Eko. Locke thinks for a moment, then looks up the cliff. Eko tells him to wait there, and purposefully heads for the cliff face, with Locke weakly protesting that it was just a dream, and that it's not safe. Locke, say it after me: "Eko, in the dream, you fell off the cliff and probably died. So hang on a second." Is that really that hard to say? You trying to pull another Boone? You're not going to be able to carry Eko back to the camp, you know.

We flashback to "Father Tunde" getting out of a car at a house with a young woman sitting on a porch, staring into the middle distance. Eko approaches, and Mrs. Malkin comes running out of the house, anxiously telling Eko that it's not a very good time, and he'll have to come back later. Eko says he needs to speak to her daughter, and Mrs. Malkin urgently tells him again that "right this minute is not a very good time."

And here's why: the presumed husband comes stomping out onto the porch, telling his wife (Joyce) to take their daughter back in the house. She pleads with him, briefly, but he orders her inside, and she goes, dragging her spaced-out daughter with her. And what you need to know right now is that this is the psychic Claire saw, the one who filled her head with all the stuff about how she has to raise the baby, and then reversed that and told her there was a couple in L.A. who wanted to adopt, and put her on the doomed Flight 815.

"I know why you're here, friend," says Malkin. His psychic powers are amazing! But he wants to save Eko the trouble, and says what happened wasn't a miracle. "The doctor that treated your daughter seems to feel differently," says Eko. Malkin angrily says the doctor tried to cut her open, and is trying to "cover up his own negligence." Malkin says when his daughter fell into the mountain river, she went into hypothermia and just seemed dead. "And why is your wife so convinced otherwise?" asks Eko. "Because she's a zealot. All of this -- everything she's doing -- is to spite me," says Malkin. Eko, quite reasonably, wants to know why she'd do that. "Because she knows I'm a fraud. Because I make my living as a psychic," he says, explaining that he gathers intelligence on people and then exploits it. "Every day I meet people looking for a miracle, desperate to find one. But there are none to be had. Not in this world, anyway."

Eko says he'll tell the monsignor that there is no miracle. "Your daughter is alive. This is all that matters," he says. He turns and goes to get back in his car, but looks back and sees Charlotte staring at him through a window. "Hmm," he thinks. "I've confirmed that this isn't a miracle, but that was before she creepily stared at me. There must be more to this story."

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