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Aria: "So hey, liar. Why did you lie to me?"
Ezra: "Because I am a total mess and because if I take the job, we'll be in love or something."
Aria: "You need a job! I am going to cry about this! Our relationship has been so broken ever since I broke it!"
Ezra: "Well, enjoy your Dumper's Remorse. Why are we even talking about this?"
Aria: "Because I want you to take this job so I can tantalize you with my outfits. Such as this little number, where I'm wearing black hotpants over tights the color and pattern of three-eyed Baby Bruce from CeCe Drake's defunct hair care-and-earring shop."


Somebody arrives at a diner at 9 PM to meet with A, who's checking out the pics of Jenna from earlier, after a funny fake-out where a Spencer lookalike is directed to her usual table to meet with a blonde lady and you're like, "Who? CeCe?" and it turns out to be just a regular dinner experience... And then the real person arrives to meet A. The waitress doesn't recognize him or her, but the "pretty eyes" compliment returns for the first time in a while, and then we see the mysterious visitor: One TOBY CAVANAUGH!

I admit, I really did think he was dead, even after the Liars slipped up in that one interview laughing about it. That's pretty amazing. I mean, it got so messy with her refusing to look at his face and just desperately needing him to be dead that you might have assumed, but still. Seeing him and his eyes in the flesh, it's... Tremendous. But not as great as what happens next.

Toby: "Hey, A. Hanna got the job."
A: "I know that, she's like my best friend. FOR I AM SPENCER HASTINGS!"
Toby: "Whoa, what? What is this?"
Spencer: "Mona told me you were alive, it was one of the things I got for joining the A-Team. You were supposed to be my reward on Friday for getting the Liars all together to presumably blow them up."
Toby: "Well, isn't this something."
Spencer: "Was that actually your dead body in the woods? Were you just pretending to be dead so I would go crazy? That is a dick move, I would say."
Toby: "I have done all of this to protect you!"

Turns out they're both only fake-A's, working to protect each other. Which any other show that would be kind of dumb, but on this show it makes sense. I am still not convinced that A+, much less Redcoat, isn't working against something even worse. Right?

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