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Malcolm: "I watch cartoons and think about trains, lady. Don't try to be my bestie."
Hanna: "Let's play a game called Who Kidnapped You? It will be super fun."
Malcolm: "Well, I can tell you it wasn't Aria, or Mona. Or CeCe Drake, or the Black Swan, or Jenna Thing."
Hanna: "This is awesome. How about him?"
Malcolm: "Lady, that's clearly a guy with a six-pack. His name is not Alison."
Hanna: "Well, this was a bust. Feel free to come across Spencer's picture in my phone while I'm getting a snack, though. Wait until a super dramatic moment is happening somewhere else."


Emily: "So nothing? That kid really is useless. Hang on, Black Swan is heading over to Jenna Thing's house and I have to lurk."

They're joined by Shana for a quick round-table, topics to include "Those Tapes," "Those Bitches," and their presence at the Lodge, where the party is. I would say that's funny because it has nothing to do with A, except that Jenna got the Black Swan from A and gave it to Melissa, which means she -- at least -- was at one point allied with the A-Team itself... Which, if they're still focused on A-Team fallout and protecting themselves from the murder, actually makes total sense. I never know if this feeling of "ah, we have answered a question" is going to be real or momentary, but I feel like we've answered a question. Right?


Toby: "So like, this is one of several safehouses I rent with my teen-contractor millions, but this one Mona doesn't know about. Do you trust me now?"
Spencer: "Leaving aside for a moment the ten million reasons this is fucked up, I can agree that joining the A-Team is the next logical step for most or all of us. But like, I could not have sat by and watched you implode and go suicidal and crazy, like you did."

He bursts into tears and it's like his finest hour, you just want to give him the biggest hug of all time. And then, of course, they make out. Obviously.


Hanna: "My history of disordered eating is a fun topic for little kids, right?"
Malcolm: "Not even a normal one. Hey look, your friend Alison! I was left unattended with my babysitter's phone and -- once I quickly got bored with your folder of sexts and dick pics from Caleb -- there she was!"

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