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All Things Truly Wicked

Toby: "I know, I was just kidding."

They do it. His body is so sick you're just like, whatever. The only thing is, the camera keeps pointing out that the first letter of motel is "M," so it's like Mona is not only watching them, but looking down on them. Like chess pieces. It's fascinating.


Ezra: "I took the job."
Aria: "You were right at Ali's funeral. There's no happy ending for us. Deal with it."
Ezra: "You'll be an adult one day..."
Aria: "Sure. Just move on, though. I want a real boyfriend who will one day mature into a man. Kiss kiss."

She gets about a yard away and then he grabs her for some more makeouts and you're like, for real? But then she walks away anyway. Good girl.


Spencer spots Redcoat heading in -- whom Toby confirmed earlier is the leader -- and follows her through the various hallways, all the way to ... a quad meeting of about 10 percent people in red coats and hoodies getting ready for the meet. Nice!

But she's not done. Back into the school, just in case one of them is actually Redcoat, and she catches the trail again.


The chick just stands there, back turned, black leggings and red hood, not moving... But then it's Hanna! And then the Liars jump out of their bathroom stalls!

Hanna: "You chased me down like a Spencer with a bone, which means you're still desperate to know who Redcoat is..."
Liars, appearing: "Which means you're still one of us!"

How really touching! What a good plan! Good job, everybody. That was really cute.

Liars: "Consider this like less an intervention, more of an exorcism. You're clearly in deep, and if you wanna be a double-agent that is fine. Just let us help."
Spencer: "Okay, here's the whole deal. Mona faked Toby's death -- yeah, Emily, feel free to make that all about you some more -- so I'd break and she could put me back together, like her own little Nick Brody. But he's just there because Mona's the only one who knows who Redcoat is, so now we have two people on the inside. Also, the party tonight is for all of us to die in a fire."

Hanna: "I'm still kind of pissed about this. I was worried sick, Nikita!"
Spencer: "I know. I sent you that picture of me with Alison so you'd catch me for the kidnapping, and do something like this. How gloriously you guys are working in my absence!"

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Pretty Little Liars




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