Pretty Little Liars
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All Things Truly Wicked

Spencer: "Don't tell her they're not coming!"
Mona: "Okay, fine. But you know what, let's go for a walk."
Toby: "I'll take care of Spencer..."
Spencer: "Betrayer!"
Liars, hiding upstairs: "Twists and turns!"

Toby hauls Spencer off into the night, Mona giggles insanely, there is a literal plane heading for us, and the Liars are gawking inside. Of course it's just a scheme between Toby and Spencer, which the girls know or can guess, but who's left inside is Mona and the Liars. Locked in by somebody else. The girls corner Mona just as she's getting her game face on, and it's a beautiful break to commercial. What now, A Minus? Oh, you were just a solitary crazy person and now we're all getting burned alive by those older bitches?

Mona: "You guys are making a huge mistake! There is other stuff going on, you jerks!"
Aria: "That has never stopped us from getting weird vengeance like this before! Like standing around here glaring at you, like we do!"

Spencer: "Who's that random person in the woods?"
Toby: "Just go get to the plane. Scope Redcoat, and don't let her see you."

The person locking the remainder inside the Lodge lights one of the party invites, and the house starts to burn. Mona's like, "Well, you bitches fucked this one up the ass. Good job."

They scrabble around -- taking time out to yell at Mona for various things like not getting bars -- and Mona hollers amazingly: "She can do everything! She's everywhere and she's nowhere!" That's so balls-out awesome and crazy the girls just kinda shrug and carry on running around, even though you have to wonder what Therapy Anne would say about that. "Well, clearly Redcoat is working within a hyperadrenalized hyper-hyperreality."

Mona: "We're all gonna die! We're all gonna burn! I'm never gonna know who she was!"
Liars: "Are you fucking kidding me right now?"

Redcoat disembarks the plane she just landed, blonde hair flowing free and Spencer is weirded out since that's clearly Alison, so she follows, in her lovely gown. Shapes and figures in the mists for a while, it's pretty suspenseful, but like all I can think about is, What if Redcoat is God?, what if Mona has had physical contact with God? and then it's just a quick step to Holy shit, what if Alison DiLaurentis is God? and then you're like, "That would make sooooo much sense actually?"

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Pretty Little Liars




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