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An Unfortunate Accident In A Canoe


Randomly rowing across the lake with Lucas. Sure. Sure, that's what's currently happening. You got it. It's foggy, and it's scary, and silent, and he's rowing real slow and scary, and she trusts him implicitly.

Hanna: "This is weird and time-consuming. Let's forget about setting the fireworks for Caleb across the lake and..."
Lucas, no more rowing: "Hanna."
Hanna: "Why are you staring at me scarily and not talking? Do you need me to row?"
Lucas, terrifying: "Sit. Down."
Liars: "Hanna! Row back and stop getting murdered by your stalker!"
Hanna: "Maybe we should turn around and just forget this, yeah?"
Lucas: "Shut up! It's already very hard to do this and I have to do it right now!"
Hanna: "I have clearly asked too much of you, and I'm sorry. I take our friendship very seriously, Lucas, and I would hate to think I'd forced you into murdering me or something in the middle of this lake. Let's say no to the fireworks and row..."
Lucas: "This is not about the fireworks, Hanna!"

He picks up the box of fireworks to do something with it, and of course she clubs his ass with an oar before he can explain himself. Turns out Hanna's bad luck with transportation is not limited to automobiles.

Emily and Spencer freak out as she's rowing back towards them, Lucas dead or dying in the cold water, and then her oar gets caught on something, so her ass goes into the water too. Emily offers to call the cops, while Spencer remains onshore, screaming her name over and over.


Aria: "Just calling to leave you this voicemail about some more stupid shit I thought of..."
Ella: "Knock-knock! Hey, we just invited Holden's family over for dinner, like happened right in front of you."
Aria: "That's funny, I'm on the phone with Holden right now."
Ella: "What a weird lie."
Aria: "Yeah, take me off being grounded and I promise to have an age-appropriate relationship with anybody you want."
Ella: "I love it when problems are rapidly solved out of nowhere like this."


Mona: "Is that Hanna freestyling all the way into shore? Guess fat floats."
Emily: "Your form is really sloppy."
Hanna: "I just had the most farcical comedy of errors."
Spencer: "Mona and Noel Kahn, why are you guys soaking wet and half-naked?"
Mona & Noel: "We're kind of this other other TV show you never get to watch. An incredibly awesome one."

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