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An Unfortunate Accident In A Canoe

Emily, awesomely: "Why me? I've still got glass in my hair from when A was beating me senseless. Somebody else answer it."
Hanna: "Should I tell A we have her phone?"
Spencer: "Yeah, she'll know that when you answer the phone."

More glass rains down on them and they run for the car, Emily offering to just call Caleb her damn self and forget Hanna altogether.


I guess they just overruled Hanna altogether, because she is sitting in the corner pissed as hell while Caleb does hacker things to the phone.

Spencer: "And we can't tell you why you're doing this or whose phone this is."
Caleb: "Are you guys sure about th... Oh, they just shut off the phone. I guess I can still do hacker things to the info we already got?"
Liars: "Yes."
Hanna: "Whatever."
Caleb: "Hanna, you're acting like you're not okay with this."
Liars: (Peer pressure of eyeballs.)
Hanna: (Very sad face like she can actually see him getting murdered from the future. Oh, well.)


To be entirely fair, Aria is dressed like a hooker.

Byron: "Aria, are you honestly wearing that to school? It's hardly an appropriate example of what people generally refer to as 'clothing.'"
Aria: "That is true of every outfit I own, and you never said anything about it before now. Is this because I copped to being a willing participant in my own molestation?"
Byron: "I would be lying if I said otherwise. As an inveterate creeper and molester of my own students, I think I have a little authority here."
Ella: "He's kind of right, but this is more of a mother-daughter discussion. If you'll excuse us."

Ella: "Pick your battles. Here's the most clothing-like objects you own. Put 'em on."
Aria: "Parenting is not a battle, first of all. And second of all, I don't see how the fuck Byron gets off lecturing me about inappropriate relationships with..."
Ella: "-- Girl, no. Do not. It is too early in the motherfucking morning."
Aria: "I just hoped that you would give me a break."
Ella: "Are you high? You lied to us for a really long time. You, and an adult. A colleague. Lied to us. About scary shit."
Aria: "I just thought you'd act all crazy if you found out. You know, like you are."
Ella: "Uh huh, and you were right. And the fact that you knew to keep it a secret... Look. You're grounded. No more friends..."
Aria: "-- My friends are an entirely different issue from my mol..."
Ella: "-- Oh, in case it wasn't clear, Ezra is out of the picture. Not even goodbye, got it?"
Aria: "Do you like him?"
Ella: "Oh, for fuck's... Sure I did. Until I found out he was a sex offender who was fucking my daughter, I thought he was super cool. See how that sentence works?"

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