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An Unfortunate Accident In A Canoe


Spencer: "We need to talk. Somewhere more private than the porch where your blind sister waits and stares and rocks back and forth, drinking out of a jar."
Toby: "How about inside this truck you bought me, with the windows wide open? About a foot further from the porch than where we just were?"
Spencer: "Yes, that is the appropriate amount of privacy."
(They get in the truckbaby.)
Spencer: "Look, I know you need answers. And like I said last night before you sabotaged it by accident, I am way close to giving you those answers. But it's still not safe."
Toby: "Then why did you come here?"
Spencer: "I missed you. Shutting you out is killin' me."
Toby: "You came here to tell me you can't come here? Illogical!"

They laugh, because they are autistic and that's funny to them, and then make out.


Caleb: "Hey, that conversation that Spencer and Toby just had? Let's have that."
Hanna: "Yeah, verbatim!"
Caleb, verbatim: "We've gotten naked together in more ways than one, Hanna."
Hanna: "GROSS! You even looked like Ezra Fitz when you said that."

He asks her who the phone belongs to, and she changes the subject by calling Lucas over to study with him later. Caleb once again does his weird possessive "thanks for being friends with my girlfriend" thing, and Hanna bounces so he'll leave her alone.


On some other show we only ever get to see pieces of, Jenna and Garrett have been fighting since last night, which still doesn't explain why Spencer keeps running into him in strange places and everybody acting like Jenna just left and he just missed her. Blind girl known for stealth. Anyway, he's all, "Stop punishing me and open the door!" Because Spence and Toby were full-on horizontal, he didn't see them when he was running around screaming. So they pop up and wonder, as we all do, what is going on with that other show about Jenna and Garrett.

Toby: "Man, they are really fighting about that eye operation she decided to get, down in the hospital laundry room that time."
Garrett: "It was fine until we brought in a third person!"
Spencer: "That doesn't sound like it's about an eye operation. It sounds like they are A."
Toby: "Or freaky-deaky."
Garrett: "Jenna, don't hang up! Just come to the door and stop yelling at me with ya blind ass. Dammit!"

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