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An Unfortunate Accident In A Canoe

Wrangler: "Let's rehearse a simple conversation. Remember, anonymity. This call came in last night."

They play it out, and it's amazing because the leader lady emotes more than most people on this show even just pretending to be A:

Volunteer (Emily): "Crisis hotline, can I help you?"
A (Wrangler): "I need to talk to someone. I'm in a bad place and I don't know what to do. I almost got caught last night."
Volunteer: "Well, calling here's a good start. Let's talk this through."
A: "I was asked to do something important and I tried my best, but I screwed it up."
Volunteer: "Okay. Maybe we can figure this out..."
A: "You don't understand, it's gone and I can't get it back. All I could do is shut it down."
Volunteer: "Shut what down? Can you tell me exactly what you've lost?"
A: "They're never going to forgive me! They're going to make my life a living hell! I might as well be dead!"

So yeah, they're talking about the phone, obviously, but Emily only clues in on this line. But the thing is that this is only a clue because of the leader lady's line reading. Consider:

#1: "They're never going to forgive me! They're going to make my life a living hell! I might as well be dead!"
#2: "They're never going to forgive me! They're going to make my life a living hell! I might as well be dead!"


Emily: "Oh! This is about a person who lost a phone last night who is in a secret club of molesters! Was it a man or a woman? Any sense of boobs?"
Leader Lady: "Irrelevant. Anonymity. You really aren't getting it. What's going on? Why are you flipping out?"
Emily: (Continues flipping out.)


Byron is at the door! Ezra's giant eyes get so wide! It's all so scary!

Byron: "I had an apartment much like this, back when I was a poor undergrad that could only afford a huge-ass beautiful pre-war apartment like yours. Is that an infinity pool?"
Ezra: "Can I get you a drink? Maybe some scotch, since that's all we've ever had ten conversations about? Or maybe we can talk about how what if Henry James was architecture and movies were epistolary novels from the 18th century as seen through a Lacanian lens?"
Byron: "Those things all sound great but I am here to kick your ass. Skinny old man versus skinny young man. Effeminate slap-fight to the finish, like in my college days. Listen, I know how hard it is to keep your hands off your students -- trust me -- but I retain the upper hand just barely because my victims were of age."
Ezra: "Oh, it's going to be like that."
Byron: "On the other hand, my daughter has been through The Shit in the last year, and you helped her survive it."
Ezra: "Just when I think you're gonna zig..."

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