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An Unfortunate Accident In A Canoe

Byron: "-- Fact remains, there's something icky about the idea that Aria could possibly make up her own mind about any of this, because women can't be trusted at any age. That's why there are consent laws, to make sure that women in that in-between time know they're victims even when they don't feel like it. Hands off, okay?"
Ezra: "I knew I should break up with her when she turned out to be my student, yeah. That's why I quit at the school and came to work with you..."
Byron: "Actually, that's a very reasoned resp... Oh, my God, this is your apartment. You totally fucked my daughter here!"
Ezra: "Zag."
Byron: "Also, I am going to call the cops on you."
Ezra: "Yes, this could have gone better."


Mona runs up with Noel Kahn! They are back together! They are coming to the lake house surprise party.

Mona: "BTW, Caleb and I are friends now."

Spencer: "This anonymous transcript you stole regarding A is very interesting."
Hanna: "Emily taped that shit to my bathroom mirror."
Spencer: "That's it, we're all joining the crisis hotline."
Aria: "I can't. I'm grounded and that totally dreary grim job is exactly the kind of fun thing my parents want to keep me from doing."
Hanna: "It's your fault for being so pretentious that you'd find that fun in the first place."

Caleb: "Guys? I found this scary picture of the Chucky dolls on that phone. You really need to start explaining some shit."
Liars: "Uh..."
Caleb: "What are you freaks looking for?"
Spencer: "Exactly this. Forward this to all of us, please."

Caleb: "Hanna, Occam's Razor suggests that everybody being weird about my surprise party and this phone and you Liars being twitchy about everything are somehow connected."
Hanna: "I can see why you think that, but no. The murders and hauntings don't affect what's really important, baby. Which is our love."


Byron: "He was so reasoned and rational! It seemed like he really cared about our daughter! It was horrible!"
Ella: "You fuckers are giving me a migraine! We live in Dysfunction Junction!"
Ella: "We live in Dysfunction Junction! Mike can't go to school because he's going American Horror Story on us, Aria's over there fucking grownups, you're threatening tiny little men in their homes and on top of it, I still like Ezra Fitz! Stop talking about the cops and just let it go. You're going to ruin Aria's life too. The bell tower! The shovel! No more cops bothering our daughter!"
Byron: "But he deserves..."
Ella: "-- Before we pick up our torches and pitchforks, think about it. You're doing this to protect Aria, or at least to perform the idea that you're protecting Aria. Exposing her to yet another scandal is not going to be protecting Aria. She's being the independent, open-minded young woman we raised her to be. Get it?"
Byron: "Kind of."

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