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An Unfortunate Accident In A Canoe


Hanna: "Hey, Mr. Fitz. I was around the corner getting this birthday cake and I thought we could chat."
Ezra: "As long as you don't close that door!"
Hanna: "Gotcha. Listen, I know what's going on with the Montgomerys and it sounds rough. I just wanted you to know that you have the support of dumb underaged girls everywhere."
Ezra: "That means a lot to me. Dumb underaged girls are my favorite thing."


Leader: "I'm glad you called back in, Anonymous."

Speaking of anonymity, she immediately signals to Emily and Spencer that the caller they're obsessed with is on the line, so they should listen in and take notes. And you'll never guess who the caller is!


Lucas: "I didn't have a choice..."
Leader: "We always have choices."
Lucas: "No, I honestly didn't know better. I just got sucked in, it felt like I finally had some kind of power, and now I can't make this go away without... I never wanted to hurt anybody! But now I have to!"
Leader: "Let's find a solution together."
Lucas: "There's only one solution and it's not going to be pretty. I know what I have to do. I just hate to do it."
Spencer & Emily: "Holy SHIT."

Well, so obviously this never had to do with A or the cell phone, right? I mean Lucas has been super sketch for a while, and it would be funny if they kept going on and on about the greenhouse A being male or female and it turned out to be Hermie the Hermaphrodite, and he had a real hate-on for Ali, but... Doesn't it make more sense that this has to do with kicking Caleb out and back to Cali or something?


Spencer: "It was Lucas on the phone..."
Hanna: "Just because he can get his hands on illegal firecrackers that blind young creepy girls, and occasionally destroys heartfelt memorial stumps, does not mean he's A's Evil Elf."
Spencer: "He hated Alison as much as anybody did. How easy would he be to recruit?"
Hanna: "He drove cross-country to get my boyfriend for me. Trust me, I have that bitch on lock."
Spencer: "Or else he's insinuated himself and still hates us for being her Plastics."
Hanna: "No criminal mastermind would help me throw a surprise party. Except probably Mona Vanderwaal."
Emily: "Well, to be kinder to him, maybe he's being blackmailed like the rest of us."
Hanna: "That is too logical. I am rejecting you out of hand. If hating Alison is the litmus test, we're all guilty. Leave him the hell alone, he's too easy a target."

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