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Well! Previously, let's see. Ashley Marin ran Detective Wilden the hell over, and he was rescued -- and then murdered, presumably -- by Redcoat's B-Team, but not before she was caught on tape doing the deed and returning to the scene of the crime, so Hanna and Aria pushed the cop car into a swamp because that is the kind of thing those two would do, without benefit of Spencer and Emily.

Aria broke up with Ezra Fitz after Spencer kidnapped his kid, but she told the Vice Principle that she never dated him in the first place, so he could work at her school and they could torture each other from close up. Hanna and Emily wove complex webs of protection around their respective significant others that had no real effect at all; ditto Toby, who died and then came back to life once Spencer had lost her damn mind.

In the end, Mona Vanderwaal got all the Liars together at the Lodge so the B-Team could murder them, at Redcoat's behest, but once she was herself endangered she lost it -- "She's everywhere and she's nowhere!" -- and seems to have joined Team Liar. They were rescued by Alison DiLaurentis, a dead person, and returned home just in time to find that darn cop car waiting, with a mystery in the trunk... And assurances from A that she's got them cornered now more than ever.


The ladies stare down into the trunk, plainly horrified, for a few seconds before we see what they're looking at: A huge dead pig, quietly rotting. Nobody knows what to do, so they do their main thing of staring around looking like they're going to barf, and then somebody notices Mona's gone, which rockets them all into action, and they get the hell back in the car.

But Mona's not gone: She's in the car with her A gloves on, making much of getting the car's black-box "chip" out of there, for about a hundred years.

Hanna: "What are you doing?"
Mona: "Uh, saving your mom? Duh?"

It takes a while, and there is much time-ticking suspense coming from somewhere, maybe the music, and then they're off! Take a good look because this is the last time any of them are going to be wearing acceptable apparel. And think also about how A is going to keep taunting them about how this is going to screw them, and how A has cameras everywhere at all times tracking their movements, and yet it's going to take this entire episode for them to add 2 and 2 and come up with 4.


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