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Alison: "So these are your vintage collectibles? Dumb."
Toby: "They're not toys, you don't play with them. Don't touch."
Alison: "I know you wanna kiss me..."

His mom shambles into the room, confused about what time it is and what he's doing home, and he's like, "You are clearly in a bad way," and she just says she's tired and then wanders back out into the house, and that face he's always making is about a thousand times more intense when he's actually making the face. No do-rag for this part, needless to say.

Alison: "The fuck is wrong with your mom?"
Toby: "Something serious, I think. I cry about it all the time."
Alison: "Yeah, I think it's called 'lazy much?'"
Toby: "Maybe you should leave."

And I guess she did, spitting and hissing all the way, but soon Marion Cavanaugh was dead, and her husband grieved and moved on, and before you know it Toby had a new mom and a new sister, and that's when everything went to hell. I have no idea where this is going and on paper I'm not in love with the idea of "More about the fascinating Toby Cavanaugh!" but it turns out I am, actually. Fascinated.

I guess with Caleb leaving for Ravenswood they were like, "Somebody should have something going on, and Paige already has all the things going on that there are, so who else? No, not Lucas. Certainly not Noel Kahn, and who even remembers Hot Nerd Andrew except Jacob, dreaming about him every night as he does, so I guess ... More about Toby? I guess we do that, times a thousand. Picture this, Toby Cavanaugh driving a carnival van into the woods, crying. Nailed it, first try." And they did.


Outside, the Liars are surprised by Sean Faris. (I loooove Sean Faris; he's always seemed like a neat guy and has always reminded me so much of my brother John. Plus the way he talks is mesmerizing. Man, when you look back, Life As We Know It had a really good cast.) Anyway, Officer Holbrook is here -- Pennsylvania State Police -- to investigate the murders of Garrett and Wilden, and also all the crimes ever, because Rosewood PD is not cuttin' it.

Liars: "We already gave a statement about Garrett, and got nothing to say about Wilden."
Holbrook: "Really because from his files it seems like Wilden was in your faces like all the time."
Liars: "That is true. He was truly up in our faces. It was pretty gross."

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