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Please, Not Now!

Wilden: "It's not gonna happen! Listen to me, just leave her. Plans have changed. Garrett's going to tell them everything..."

So Garrett was still alive at this point, but Aria was already in the box? She must have been laid out by that roofie. Anyway, Mona says the other one is Melissa Hastings -- the one even the NATs/B-Team bitches are afraid of -- but before she can prove it, the tape cuts out... And then the whole screen goes wild with lipstick kisses, as the hard drive erases itself. You know, I thought Mona's whole "Redcoat is flying a plane but also controlling my 4G service!" line from the Lodge was her being hysterical, but who knows. Who the hell knows.


Before they can even really deal with this, they hear creepy voices outside, in the trailer park where the A-Lair lives right now.

Girl: "Alison! Faster!"
Girl: "Come out come out wherever you are!"
Girl: "It's not fair, Aria!"
Girl: "It was Emily's idea..."

They find five mini-me's -- already great, and including at least one tiny actress I've seen before -- but also they are holding five Liars dolls (including Mona)! Given them by someone named "Alison," who "started playing with us right after you moved in." I actually teared up, with how great that is. I betook myself to Twitter. The Aria one is dressed like Aria, holding a doll that looks like pink-stripe Aria. The Mona one has a doll that looks like glasses Mona. (The Hanna one is wearing bright red tights-are-not-pants, foreshadowing horrors yet to occur.) The dolls have little dolls that look just like them that are holding dolls that look just like them holding tiny almost microscopic dolls holding dolls. Everything is everything.


Hanna: "Whatever you need. You know how much I love you. Bye."
Emily: "Ooh, was that Caleb? I miss Caleb."
Hanna: "No, it was obviously Mona. She wants my help moving the RV to a creepy farm, now that that bizarre Mouse & His Child recursive-iteration brigade has taken over the trailer park."
Emily: "And then we beat her ass up, right? Because I can't stop thinking about how Mona put her gloves on before she touched Wilden's car, while the rest of us were just acting like idiots as usual."

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