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Please, Not Now!

Hanna: "Not ruling out that she's still messing with us -- and good eye, Fields -- but think about it. She's Hannibal Lecter smart, she probably did that without even thinking about it."
Emily: "Both could be true, lady. But do what you have to, to get that chip."

Hanna: "Exactly. If I've learned anything from my Mom, it's keep your friends close and your enemies closer -- and your fake architects upstairs in a box where nobody will ever find them, and your wine everywhere, so you can always reach it -- and she taught me that sometimes, you have to keep your enemies so close that you run them the fuck over."

Pam: "Ladies, what's up? Let's have a fun afterschool chat about that cop that harassed you for three years and then was found dead in the street."
Emily: "Yeah, it's actually..."
Pam: "-- I was talking to Hanna. Hanna, how are you doing with all of this?"
Emily: "Anyway. Who's that gift basket for? I know he has no survivors."

Pam expresses everything that she thinks about Ali's mom just in the way she says her name, it's so beautiful: "Jessica DiLaurentis. Her drunk ass showed up at the station this morning, she's moving back. To their old house! Where everybody keeps getting murdered over and over. Bless her messy old parrot-owning heart. Guess she finally drank all those painful memories away."

Hanna: "Or maybe she knows Alison's alive. Just like we do."
Emily: "First of all, cut that shit out. And secondly, Occam's Razor agrees with Pam. Mrs. D is most likely merely drunk."
Hanna: "I love living here with you -- and one or the other of your parents at any given time -- but sometimes I just miss my mom so bad. Like when we talk about Wilden. Or alcoholism."


Toby: "So that's one burnt-up Redcoat, interesting..."
Spencer: "I'm going inside that burned building."
Toby: "It is not structurally sound! I'm telling you this as Rosewood's most successful teenage contractor."

Spencer: "What if it was Ali? What if she's finally ready to come home?"
Toby: "She pulls everybody out and then takes off because it's still not safe?"
Spencer: "It's possible!"
Toby: "Except for how she fully died two years ago. I know a lot has happened since then, but as the main suspect hounded by the entire town -- including your hot ass -- for a lot of that time, I do remember it pretty clearly."

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