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The Busy, Wondrous Labor Day Of Alison DiLaurentis
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Ezra Fitz wasn't A, just your average perverted amateur journalist whose teenage girlfriend was murdered and he decided to become famous from it by seducing her teenage best friend, the better to investigate her murder. Alison's not dead, just on the run from whoever replaced her mysterious bully, but now the cops know she's alive and some random girl is in her sarcophagus. Her mom Jessica is some kind of lunatic but probably not effective enough to be a teen terrorist; Spencer Hastings is a different kind of lunatic who thinks she may have killed somebody and then forgot. The Liars have located Ali's latest bolthole in Philadelphia, and gone there to meet a beautiful stranger.


Everybody is dressed like spies. Even Noel Kahn is dressed like a cat burglar that means to steal your heart.

Liars: "I can't believe it was Noel Kahn that met us at this place! How great is that."
Aria: "Spencer, stop fidgeting. We are here for answers!"
Hanna: "I'm still not convinced this isn't another trick. Why would Ali trust Noel?"
Alison: "...Because he has secrets too. Don't even ask."

The Liars all wonder if they should hug her for not being dead, or beat the shit out of her. She suggests they opt for hugs. Even Spencer.

Spence: "Why are you glad to see me? Didn't I possibly kill you on drugs? Isn't that why you tortured Emily into an emotional insanity?"
Alison: "Yeah, whatever. Once you guys told me the cops are onto me, we have to make this the endgame. We have to figure out who A is, tonight, so we can all go home."
Liars: "Easy, that's your crazy bitch mother."
Alison: "Right? But no, not exactly. I am going to tell you everything now. And if we don't figure it out, that's it for me. I will disappear permanently. Again."


Throughout the episode, we check in with Gabriel Holbrook, who is holding the entire population of Rosewood in different interrogation rooms. Sometimes what they say is very meaningful, sometimes what they say seems to answer questions we never really asked, and sometimes what they say, they don't actually say, due to whispering.

CeCe: "I just wanna know who turned me in, because I was a very good Redcoat."
Gabe: "Tell me that he was intimidating you out by that muddy lake and that's why you killed him. Nobody is disputing that Darren Wilden was a beautiful jerk."

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