Pretty Little Liars
A Kiss Before Lying

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Weak Adults & Corrupt Children
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Ashley Marin stole a bunch of money and then killed a succession of architects and their family members and impersonators to keep it out of the news. Hanna's rival stepsister moved to Rosewood, and Aria's mysterious beau Holden returned to same. Caleb came ever closer to becoming a Liar, Noel Kahn dumped Mona and took up with Jenna, and Ezra Fitz once again succumbed to his perversions.


The Liars -- plus Caleb, minus Hanna -- sit around watching that video of the NAT Club investigating and/or lying in wait for good old Alison DiLaurentis. When Ian reveals his double-crossing surveillance and scuffles with Garrett, the box that Jason gave Aria falls to the floor, along with the camera, so now the gals are very interested in seeing what fell out of the box that night that maybe isn't in the box anymore.

It is at this point -- as Caleb is learning about the nitpicking downside of being part of this particular conspiracy -- that lonely Hanna starts calling them. First Emily, then Aria, then Caleb, and finally Spencer. Heh. Of course, it's Spencer that's got the ADD problems, so while the rest of them pressed Ignore with an alacrity that seemed near hateful, Spencer immediately answers the phone. So that she can lie to Hanna about how they are her friends.

Hanna: "Let's watch a movie! Even one of your artsy foreign ones, where all they do is stare out windows."
Spencer: "First of all, I'm not Aria. Second of all, I am busy spending time with my family."
Hanna: "Like you have a family."

It's a battle of wits between the smartest one and the dumbest one, but there is a twist in this battle when Emily randomly drops a bottle of sparkling water -- understandable -- which causes Aria to loudly exclaim, "Emily!" Not understandable. Aria, you worthless idiot.

Hanna: "Now I have figured it out. The reason you are all ignoring me is because you are all together in secret."
Spencer: "Did you figure out the other part where we are hanging out with Caleb? Like you asked us not to? Because of what we are clearly doing? And you just called him too?"
Hanna: "No! I have to go!"

Spencer yells at Emily and Aria equally, which is unfair because that was all Aria, and then they notice a thing on the screen in the video, which Caleb magically enhances to several billion times its original size, and then magically enhances to several billion times its original clarity, so they suddenly can see the object. You know, like how things work in real life.

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