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The Black Swan existed, suspiciously enough; Jenna can see, which is such a jerk move; Meredith and Byron are maybe dating; Veronica's defending Garrett and Melissa lied about her miscarriage; Mona's craziness and Hanna's unending compassion are driving a wedge between her and Caleb; Emily continues to have memories.


Liars: "So let's just say Jenna was faking her blindness for some reason other than pissing us off. Who does that leave? Lucas?"
Hanna: "No way. He can't even start a fire correctly."
Spencer: "Clearly this is all about the Black Swan."
Lairs: "Yeah, obv... Wait, what?"
Spencer: "No, I'm not Spencering you guys this time. Her dress sketches were in Mona's Lair. Which I know, because I created the Matrix in my spare time."
Liars: "So really you're saying that this episode is about the Black Swan. Well, it's about time."

Melissa: "Hey, Spencer. Don't get up. Mom and I are just here at this same restaurant having dinner without you. I drew some really mean caricatures of you on this napkin, wanna see?"
Veronica: "They cracked me the hell up. You really do have a prominent chin dimple."
Melissa: "I made it look like a butt!"

Emily: "Your sister certainly shed her fake pregnancy weight quickly."
Aria: "Even I noticed how dumb you sounded just now."
Hanna: "Maybe she's the Black Swan."
Spencer: "No way. No way could she have faked her fake pregnancy that far back."
Hanna: "Maybe Mona can give me some answers."
Liars: "How... How so?"
Hanna: "I don't know, I just thought we were expositing so I crammed it in there."

Jason: "Hey, everybody! I just stopped by this one restaurant where the entire show is eating dinner so I could yell at Veronica some more."
Everybody: "About what? To what end? Your whole Jon Snow deal?"
Jason: "No! It's about Garrett!"
Veronica: "I am being totally cool right now, okay? I can't tell you why, but just trust me okay?"
Jason: "Whatever. I have to put up signs with a reward for information about Ali's murder. You know, like a crazy person."

A: "Hey, I could really use that money to finance my apparently global organization. Omnipotence and hoodies ain't free!"


Veronica: "Man, defending a murderer is hard work!"

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