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Spencer: "Dear Liars, please do not come to my house. The world has gone bugfuck.*"
Aria: "Cool. More time for me to create outrageous fashions!"

*"(No mention in this text about how I solved the Black Swan thing, because frankly nobody else ever seems to give a shit about my psycho obsessions, but if I did, it would be a doozy. More later.)"

Ella: "Hey, can we talk? Specifically about you pimping me out on the world wide web?"
Aria: "I can explain..."
Ella: "I'm sort of pissed that you're in Mommy's business? But I also know, like, how you are."
Aria: "Look, I was stressing because of how..."
Ella: "-- Byron's seeing Meredith again? Honey, he can do whatever he wants. I'm over that shit. Have you met your father? She can have him."
Aria: "I just worry."

Ella gives her a wonderful, strong, calm and lovely speech about how she's gonna take a minute. Aria -- who has never gone more than five minutes without mentioning Ezra -- cannot imagine the untold mental trauma that divorce must cause in order to make you be okay with being single, but gives her wonderful mother the benefit of the doubt.

Ella: "Um, HOTMAMA though?"
Aria: "That would be Hanna."
Ella: "Gotcha."
Aria: "So I'll delete the..."
Ella: "Nope. No ma'am. No, let's leave it up for a minute. Just for grins."

So much Ella! So much Ashley and Ella. This whole episode feels like a love letter.


Nate: "Nothing, just creepily hanging around."
Emily: "Were you a stalker before you arrived in Rosewood? Or is my theory right and there's literally something in the water?"
Nate: "Thanks for my book. You want to accompany me to my car to retrieve Maya's parents' address?"
Emily: "No, but I do want to mail this letter."
Nate: "Want me to mail it for you?"
Emily: "Dude, chill. Or else do you want to have a date right now?"
Nate: "Only if we can talk about dead Maya, dead Maya, dead Maya."
Emily: "Done. Now, don't let notoriety chase you away from Rosewood. Trust me, you get used to it."
Nate: "You know what else you get used to? Kissin' dudes."
Emily: "Okay, well. Friend Zone. Like stat."
Nate: "Maya was a lucky girl. Lucky, lucky dead girl."

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