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Spencer: "Have you seen these crazy-people signs everywhere?"
Veronica: "Yeah, I think he's going to get super scammed. I worry about that little bastard, I really do."
Spencer: "Listen, what if somebody accidentally found a shovel one time?"
Veronica: "Probably they would go to jail for murdering everybody, and Garrett would go free. You know what a serious offense finding a shovel is. You of all people should know that. You idiot."


Aria: "Byron got a new haircut and he's started bathing, so I guess the whole Meredith thing is on."
Hanna: "Well, don't tell your mom."
Aria: "Okay, I'm going to go tell my mom."

Ella: "Hey, daughter! Anything grody to tell me?"
Aria: "Maybe over dinner?"
Ella: "I can't ever go to dinner ever again. I have to work hard, as a divorcée."
Aria: "I wish you had friends."
Ella: "I don't need friends, I have my endlessly fascinating daughter."
Aria: "That's convincing. Never mind."


Nurse: "You can't visit Mona anymore! That bitch is crazy!"
Hanna: "Okay, I'm just going to go visit Mona now."
Orderly: "Seriously, she can't have visitors. She tried to climb a werewolf's face. I would tell you more, causing an abrupt breakdown in communication between you and your boyfriend, but I wasn't there that day."
Hanna: "Then I shall have to investigate."


Cute Hipster Boss: "As part of your barrista job, you'll be making various Americanos. Do you know what an Americano is?"
Emily: "Yeah, but apparently you don't. How can you do variations on espresso with water in it? Or is this like how Starbucks thinks a macchiato is some made-up other thing?"
CHB: "I look like Jean-Ralphio! It keeps you on your toes!"

Nate St. Germain: "Are you Emily Fields? I heard you suddenly worked at this coffee shop."
Emily: "I just started working here five seconds ago, but yes, that's me. Are you A or something?"
Nate: "No, I'm Maya's cousin. I am problematic in terms of lesbian representation."
Emily: "You can be a lesbian and still date guys. There's not like a checklist, or official membership. Although I have paid my dues."
Nate: "Cool, well I go to your high school now, and we both miss Maya. So give me a call."

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Pretty Little Liars




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