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Ashley: "Ew, why are you looking at gross old guys? Aria, are you upping your game?"
Aria: "No, I'm just worried about my mom."
Ashley: "Forget this shit. Go to another dating site. It's the one I use."
Hanna: "Gross, Mom!"
Ashley: "Oh, get real."


Spencer: "Jason, I'm not even going to ask why you're at my high school again because I'm too worried. Don't you think those signs are going to cause major scamming?"
Jason: "Unlike you, I can tell when somebody's lying."
Spencer: "First of all, I think everybody is lying all the time, which is not quite the same thing. And second of all, you must be talking about Melissa. Somehow."
Jason: "I have to take a phone call. Feel free to unspool on the complete lack of information I just shared with you."
Spencer: "You know me too well, Brother."


I don't even want to talk about it, it's like this whole thing where Hanna and Aria make up a dating profile for Ella and whatever. It's silly and dated; Hanna dubs her "HOTMAMA." Which: Truth in advertising, at least. Bam!


Nate: "The picture you sent Maya at lesbian Jesus camp, she forwarded it to me. And I still have it. Creepy, huh?"
Emily: "I didn't get to go to the funeral. Her parents are wildly inconsistent."
Nate: "Yeah, here's a fake Tiffany box with the last thing she ever bought you. A t-shirt with the poster for I Walked With A Zombie."
Emily: "That was our first date. We made out the whole time."
Nate: "And now she is dead."
Emily: "You are like the coolest guy. You really get me."


Hanna sneaks in just in time to see -- is it? Yes! Officer Josh bullying Wren into letting him in to question Mona. Wren looks at Hanna and sighs with a beautiful yearning to protect everybody in the whole world, which is why he became a doctor. Oh, Wren. I get you.


Emily and Nate talk about Maya felt left out of the family swim, so she took up canoeing, and she would canoe rather than being left out of the Boys Club of swimming. It's a neat story but I don't know that on paper I could really do it. A lot of it has to do with their secret smiles, like they're sort of cheating death by remembering a wonderful thing about the person they lost.

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