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The Liars went to a bed and breakfast over and over. Or rather, they tried, but things kept happening. It was a real mess. Then Alison sent Shana to tell Emily that she was not jerking her around for the first time ever, and even though Emily is ambivalent about her situation she went to grill Ali with hugs -- only to be stymied by the very nosy Spencer Hastings, who is feeling out of control lately and thus must be up on everybody's jock. Now Emily hates Spencer for reasons that everybody understands but nobody wants to articulate.

Hanna kissed Travis (CREEPING) so Ashley taught her to destroy things, instead of people. Ezra took his bloody foot revenge on Jake for warning Aria about his night screaming, which he said was about Maggie denying him access to another man's child that he barely knows. Oh, and he chased the girls around his secret molester cabin, getting back Ali's diary in the first place. Luckily, Spencer scanned the whole thing into her phone, which took probably a thousand hours of doing that, so now everybody has the diary. Previous to all of these things, Sean Faris and Roma Maffia came to town to investigate the deaths of the NAT Club's various perverted policemen, but once Mona got Ashley out of jail and CeCe went on the run, they just kind of disappeared.


Aria and Emily have just been to a "chick flick," which I'm guessing was not very fun and had subtitles, which is the universe's way of saying, "If you won't hang out with Spencer, and Hanna won't pick a side, you're left doing stupid Aria shit with Aria."

Inside the house is a ruckus! Mikey is throwing a laxbro party full of makeouts, pizza, and movies. The three gateway drugs of all teens. That's how Jason DiLaurentis started doing the weed, I believe. Aria, not satisfied with ruining Emily's night already, immediately shuts that shit down. It's ironic because she was just nattering at Emily about how Spencer was only trying to protect her by dicking up her Alison meeting, and now here she is being protective in the same dorky, life-ruining way.

Aria, verbatim: "No, I'm not chillin'!"


Is trying to decipher the diary on her phone, having left blanks for the words she can't understand in Ali's insane bubble writing. She dials Hanna so smoothly that it seems like she is calling the diary page itself.

Spencer: "Hello, is this Alison's Diary?"

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