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Ashley: "Heads up on a therapy situation."
Hanna: "Oh, like how it's stupid? You finally figured out I will never be healthy inside my mind?"
Ashley: "No, dear daughter, the opposite. Surprise shocker, but you're the only one who's ducked out of every single solo session."
Hanna: "Let's just watch Intervention and then talk about it as a family. Same diff."
Ashley: "Good one, but no. After school, you're going to therapy."
Hanna: "I hate addressing my one hundred mental problems! What a drag!"


Emily: "...Yep. That damning letter is still in my desk."
Pam: "I have more surprises! A mysterious box of Danby paraphernalia! Mugs and crap, you know. Probably it's from the people."
A: "No, clearly it's from me; probably it is poisoned or has rat blood on it."
Pam: "Somebody must really want you at that school!"
Emily: "'Somebody' wants my ass dead, actually, but maybe that too."


Lucas: "That date you scored me is killing my mind and I'm crushed out and weird."
Hanna: "It's not like you could get dorkier. Don't stress it."
Lucas: "No, I'm quitting this dating thing."
Hanna: "Lucas, I bet you'd be great on a date."
Lucas: "I would feel better on my date if I brought everybody I knew. Double date, with you and Caleb?"

This: (Is not how dating works, unless you are zeroing in on the fact that you are gay.)

Hanna: "Everything in me is screaming that this is a terrible idea -- which is usually enough for me -- but then times the fact that Caleb will be there. Think he'll grovel?"


Ella: "Aria, leave your friends that you're not allowed to hang out with and come chat."
Aria: "Obviously you want my feedback on how you are at teaching The Great Gatsby. I am accustomed to giving all my teachers helpful feedback."
Ella: "Actually, how awful. No, that's..."
Aria: "Frankly, I give you a B+. I wouldn't sext you, but I might think about holding your hand."
Ella: "Just give this thing to your sassy brother who won't talk to me, and also the rule about not hanging out with your friends anymore extends to, um, hanging out with them. Sorry we weren't clear."

That's my girl. I knew Ella would eventually notice, if anybody did. Ella Montgomery is on the case. Now, just locate Noel Kahn and you'll officially be my favorite person on the whole show.

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