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Lucas: "Well, now that you mention it, I'm still jealous and kind of loving the idea that Hanna still wants to keep me as a pet. If I weren't still slightly obsessed with her, why would I move her boyfriend into my bedroom?"
Danielle: "I'd be jealous too. It's okay."
Lucas: (Squirms.)
Danielle: (Has fucked herself.)


Emily and Samara enjoy an old scrapbook on the bed, giggling, and when Pam arrives Samara totally works her shit about the fine art of scrapbooking. It's amazing. She brings up the homemade jewelry thing, shares some self-effacing anecdotes about the perils of glue guns, compliments Pam's skills... It's awesome.

So awesome, in fact, that it sends Pam into this sort of ecstasy of scrapbooking and she starts talking about how she wants to make a recruitment scam scrapbook and put all the forged letters and lies of tuition offers in a big fluffy binder and maybe she should get the recruiter guy on the phone and glue him in there too.

Emily: "Okay, enough."
Samara: "Oh shit."
Emily: "Look, the truth is..."
Samara: "-- The truth is, I don't think Emily should commit this easily. Lots of schools will want her, and you can't jump on the thing right away. My dad's a recruiter for Yale and owns the Harvard swimming team and is Michael Phelps's coach, and this has given me -- a child -- the working knowledge of this system to assure you that setting your heart on Danby is not the answer. Play the field, Mrs. Fields. Don't scare off other scouts by double-checking your daughter's huge lie."

Okay, kind of in love with Samara. This whole episode is notably perspicacious, psychologically speaking -- lots of higher-level manipulation and therapy and mental dynamics are coming out to play -- but watching her work Pam is a thing of beauty. If she were just impressing the mom that would be a little too perfect, but it's the way she does it that makes it so fun. She's like the anti-Maya. She makes me miss Brenda Chenowith in this episode. (This whole episode makes me miss that show, actually. A compliment indeed.)


Like okay, like this amazing scene: Lucas comes running up to Caleb and Hanna while Danielle's in the bathroom and manages this amazing hat trick. First, by blowing it up about how Danielle thinks that Hanna's "still" crushing on Lucas -- which she denies first as a thing that is still happening, and then remembers to deny that it ever happened -- he asserts a certain amount of territory/history that Caleb and Hanna have to acknowledge.

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