Pretty Little Liars
Blood Is The New Black

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Don't Get Too Comfortable


Hanna: "She invited you to that house? Oh my God, that's so gross! You gotta go!"
Aria: "Hell no, I'm not doing that. I get the heebie-jeebies at Spencer's house, I'm certainly not going to the Silent Hill equivalent."
Hanna: "Do you really think those earrings came from A?"
Aria: "The earrings that were in the coffin that A dug up? Uh, yeah. I do, Hanna. But speaking of idiotic questions, how did it go with Mona?"
Hanna: "I am a bit down-hearted about that situation, but I'll go back. Anyway, I have to get off the phone now. Caleb's home with my dinner and I have to complain at him."

Hanna: "Jeez, thanks for picking up dinner, but could you have taken any longer? I was suffering ambiguous loss of this Chinese food. That's once."
Caleb: "Uh, yeah, Mr. Entitlement, but actually they messed up and mysteriously gave our order to somebody else, and made our order fresh, just for us..."
Hanna: "That's like, just you saying that, is like a 65-70 percent chance that we are about to be eating worms."


Veronica: "I have some shit to start with you, girlfriend."
Spencer: "I'm listening. In the red leather club chair that Jacob lusts for even when this show is the furthest thing from his mind."
Veronica: "Well, you need to stop making secret trips to Jail."
Spencer: "No."
Veronica: "Oh but yes."
Spencer: "I'm just really traumatized by how my friends keep getting murdered, and I am really curious."
Veronica: "To what end?"
Spencer: "For both intellectual and emotional reasons."
Veronica: "I don't care about either of those things."
Spencer: "Why are you givin' me the third degree? I'm not on trial."

Veronica: "When you're a mom you'll understand, but basically it's because I can look into the future and see myself and what Future Me is saying is, 'Man, I wish I'd stopped my daughter from visiting that child-murderer in jail and building a relationship with him, because then maybe when he got out of jail he wouldn't have come straight to my house and murdered my daughter. Probably he would've murdered somebody else's daughter, which would be sad I guess, but more importantly it wouldn't be my fault.'"

Spencer: "What I hear you saying is, we're gonna table this."

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