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Blood Is The New Black

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Don't Get Too Comfortable

Veronica: "By the Anna Wintour flat-ironed hair I am rocking today, it is not tabled. It is dismissed. You are not going back there, ever. Not even to visit Toby Cavanaugh when he goes to jail for cooking meth, or dealing pot, or whatever people like him always end up in jail for eventually."

Spencer, upstairs: "Well, clearly I am going to ignore that whole conversation we just had."
Veronica, downstairs: "See? He finished my cheese. I had this brand new brick of cheese, he devoured it."


Caleb: "Hanna, you haven't touched your worms! And you keep looking at the clock. I can't help but feel we're pretty little lying to each other again."
Hanna: "I was thinking I should visit Mona. Apparently visiting hours are passé."
Caleb: "That asshole?"
Hanna: "Caleb, I am a complicated woman. She was my best friend!"
Caleb: "Yeah, until she ran you over with a car!"
Hanna: "Honey, I have run over so many people in cars. Come on."

Caleb: "I feel sorry for her, I do. But I don't want to send her a get-well card. Or a get-well Hanna."

(Actually, what he said was quite different, but it included the word "pooping," and that is just too dismal to consider reproducing. If Caleb Rivers ever said that word to my face I would curl up in a ball and roll away like one of those Escher insects.)

Caleb: "When you're a werewolf you'll understand, but basically it's because I can't stand the thought of having to talk at your funeral and say, 'Man, I wish I'd dissuaded my girlfriend from visiting the...'"
Hanna: "Caleb! It is not about you!"
Caleb: "I just don't want her to hurt you again."
Hanna: "I am already hurting."


Hanna: "Plus I am dealing with ambiguous loss. That's twice."
Caleb: "What does this new vocabulary term mean?"
Hanna: "It's like, somebody dies but they're still there. Sometimes just staring, sometimes sending you mean text messages from beyond the grave, sometimes being mean to you in a ghost chair so that you have a spontaneous psychological breakthrough."
Caleb: "I did not understand any of those words you just said, but I am concerned enough to go with you Radley."
Hanna: "Really?"
Caleb: "Yes. Because we should trust each other and you should know I have your back and you don't have to lie to me. In essence, because I am your boyfriend?"

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Pretty Little Liars




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