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Blood Is The New Black

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Don't Get Too Comfortable


Toby: "Here are some weird bottles."
Spencer: "Why are you giving me this?"
Toby: "I stole them from my blind sister. They're for her blindness. So I stole them."
Spencer: "Don't you think she'll need them?"
Toby: "Not if she's not blind, she won't."
Spencer: "Are you saying she's not blind? Because I leapt to that same awesomely bizarre assumption the other day. We are so in sync."
Toby: "Or your crazy is catching."


Emily was in a car That Night. Remember? How she remembered that cars exist and thought that was a clue? Well, it was. Because somebody was driving that car. Somebody that put back the ragtop, and put a headband in her hair, and wasn't wearing sunglasses at all, even though it was nighttime, because she was not blind!


Emily: "Oh my God, an actual memory! My second one ever! I have to go!"
Ella: "Where you gonna finish your test, or..."
Emily: "You don't understand! I was in a car one time!"
Ella: "Sweetie, you should sit down and..."
Emily: "No, I'm done! This is all the test-taking I can do today!"

Ella: "Hmm. I think that Emily is on drugs maybe. And not the HGH kind, like the regular kind. Like the kind Jason DeLaurentiis used to do. I wonder if I should inquire further, or ask if she needs help. No, you know what? I'm just going to answer all the questions for her, and that way she'll pass. That girl is a basket case."


Meredith: "Aria, so pleasant to see you. Want to sit?"
Aria: "I do not want to sit."
Meredith: "Well, I'm not getting up, so..."
Aria: "Fine. I shall sit. And say that I am sorry about trashing Byron's office literal years ago. Sorry if that caused any bumps or roadblocks in your extramarital affair with my father that fucked me up so bad I'm dating Ezra Fitz."
Meredith: "That doesn't sound very sincere, Aria."
Aria: "Apparently I'm the bad guy here. So... Sorry."

Meredith: "You know, that was a really bad twenty minutes I spent crying to my roommate in the dorms, after you father called me a stalker on the phone and called off our gross romance. I nearly missed Intro to Jazz & Tap that day, I was so distraught. I don't know if forgiveness is really forthcoming."

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Pretty Little Liars




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