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Blood Is The New Black

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Don't Get Too Comfortable

Aria: "I don't know if me giving a shit is forthcoming. I did what I came here to do. Oh, and here's your earring. It came from a coffin. I'll give you the other one when my team of stalkers leaves it somewhere for me to find when I least expect it, which should happen relatively soon from what I've noticed."

Meredith: "Uh, that's not my earring."
Aria: "No? You know, sometimes I get the feeling that Alison did not always have my best interests at heart."


Spencer: "I'm here to see Garrett Reynolds like always."
Jail Person: "Wait over there, he's with his lawyer."
Veronica: "Hey, I just got out of meeting with my new client, Garrett Reynolds. Can you give me a list of people who have visited people in this jail, ever? I want to count how many times my daughter Spencer is on it, and then give her sister Melissa precisely that many hugs and kisses while staring Spencer in the eyes with a cold and hateful look."


Wren: "Oi, blimey mate, Oi'm Doctor Wren Kingston. You must be 'anna's werewolf swain. Pleased to make your acquaintance!"
Caleb: "Are you a leprechaun, or...?"
Wren: "Ta, but no. Merely a friend with an interest in your girlfriend and the hotness and authority to make it happen. She's been visiting me and Mona here, about every five minutes, since she first started lying to you about it. I'm walking her through what's called ambiguous loss."
Caleb: "...And that would three. Man, that girl lies all the time."


Spencer, making absolutely sure her name will be on that list in the morning when Veronica comes to get it, blithely comes in to yell at Garrett some more. He fixes her with his best face, which is like if Mona Lisa played rugby. Like he has infinite secrets. Which of course he does, because the motherfucker never says anything.

Spencer: "Why can Jenna see? And why is my mother your lawyer?"
Garrett: "She just is. I have to go."
Spencer: "Why did you even come out and talk to me?"
Garrett: "I just did. Bye."
Spencer: "Why are you like this?"


Hanna: "Mona, you look lovely. This is the face of a person who is going to say some shit to me now. See yourself in the mirror? Pretend your mouth is open and words are coming out."
Mona: (Unresponsive.)

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