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Blood Is The New Black

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Don't Get Too Comfortable

Rando: "It's okay, Jenna. I'm sensitive to your disability."

Aria: "God, she is the worst! Have you guys noticed she's like way blinder than she was last season?"

Ten points to Griffyndor!


Hanna: "Hey, Caleb. Doing computer things?"
Caleb: "It's what I do instead of going to this school."
Hanna: "Here is a helping of lies, so I can ditch our dinner date and go visit Mona."
Caleb: "I'm disappointed about dinner, but even more disappointed by your deception."


Emily: "Your mom thinks I'm a basket case."
Aria: "Well, the reason for that is, you are a basket case. But that doesn't mean she doesn't love you."
Emily: "Did you know going into the hospital for a month because of mysterious drug-related pains can fuck up your GPA? All the love in the world isn't going to help me fix my grade situation."

I wouldn't be too sure about that.

Aria: "Hey, you should let Ezra tutor you!"
Emily: "That teacher who has been fired from two different schools for fucking children? Yeah, I think not."
Aria: "But I just really think you should do this. He's so bored with his pathetic life that he ruined all by himself."
Emily: "Really? Nobody else on this whole show could help me with this? Not you, not Spencer who knows everything? Not Hanna, who is learning words?"
Aria: "Think of it as a favor to me. No, think of it as a thing I am going to railroad you into doing."
Emily: "I see from your eyes that I am not getting out of this one alive. Fine, give me the phone number of that teacher who fucks his students, and I will arrange a private meeting with him. It's not like either of our reputations could possibly suffer at this point."
Aria: "Everybody knows you're into old people, Emily. It wouldn't even be news."
Emily: "All right already, I said I would..."
Aria: "-- Whoa there. Back to me. It's about me again."

Meredith, A.K.A. Jody Sawyer, A.K.A. the Aria to Byron's Fitz back in the day, is just wandering down the hallway. Aria becomes awesome again for a second.

Aria: "Uh, excuse me? Can I help you find the exit?"
Meredith: "Ah, Aria Montgomery. I was hoping to tell you this in person. I am going to be getting Ezra's job, which Ella is temping this quarter."

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