Pretty Little Liars
Blood Is The New Black

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Don't Get Too Comfortable

Aria: "That is not happening."
Meredith: "I'm pretty sure I'm not gonna put a precocious jailbird teenager down as a reference, but thanks for confirming it. Bye now!"
Aria: "...Okay, that's like Jackie Molina levels of crazy and shitty. And yet still, somehow, I hate Jenna more."


Aria: "Okay but like why? Why would she want to work at the school where my mom works? Her lover's ex-wife? Or where I go to school?"
Ezra: "Maybe you and your family are just not that important in her personal context."
Aria: "The fuck you say to me?"
Ezra: "I was just... It was a joke. Don't be mad. I'm sure you're the center of her universe, just like you everybody else's. Hell, maybe she's stalking you."

You know what would be fucking excellent? If she started dating Mikey. Think about that for just one second.

Ezra: "So how's it going with your dad? Is he totally fine with you dating a grown man yet?"
Aria: "No, but I'll eventually figure out a way to emotionally blackmail him into it like I did Ella. Don't you worry."
Ezra: "As long as you do all the heavy lifting. Just like in the sack."

Aria: "Why hasn't Emily called you yet? I'm going to browbeat her some more."
Ezra: "If I do meet with your little friend, it is going to need to be in the most public place of all time. You realize that, don't you? Like Jumbotron-at-the-World-Series public."
Aria: "Luckily we have that new set this season. The coffeeshop. The Talon or whatever."
Ezra: "Is it new? I was thinking it might be the one where Jason showed you those pictures of your ghost nostrils."
Aria: "Hell, I don't know. That sounds equally possible. But thanks for bringing up photography! As you know, it has been my passion for several minutes now..."


Garrett: "Is your mom my lawyer yet?"
Spencer: "That is so not a priority for me. But I'm happy to dangle the carrot so you'll tell me more cryptic meaningless shit that I can obsess on forever and ever."
Garrett: "Well. I didn't kill Alison and I didn't kill Maya. And I think that something in that dug-up grave might actually exonerate me, but I'm not going to tell you what it is. And I think also, medical records."
Spencer: "...'Medical records' what? What about medical records?"

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Pretty Little Liars




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