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Blood Is The New Black

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Don't Get Too Comfortable

Spencer: "And so her whereabouts after camp, do you think she stayed in the Poconos, or..."
Toby: "Remember that thing where we're not having sex? Here is some sex."

They make out and he kisses her back and it's lovely. But not for long.

Veronica: "Spencer? Spen... Oh, you're on the couch with the Huckleberry Finn of Rosewood. Fabulous. Hello, Toby. I see the truck my daughter bought you is still capable of driving around. So how is that emancipated-minor thing working out? I'm sure you're very talented at whatever it is that you do. Manual labor."
Toby: "Mrs. Hastings. Good day at work, I presume?"
Veronica: "Incorrectly. As usual. Spencer, has your vastly preferable sister called?"
Spencer: "No, she's still in Mystic Falls I think. Listen, is she okay?"
Veronica: "That's a mean thing to say. Considering all she's been through, including this last most hateful and traumatic event of all, where a guy she wasn't dating got arrested right in front of her, in this very kitchen."
Spencer: "For murdering my best friend. And PS, I was standing there too."
Veronica: "Anyway. I'll see what we have in the pantry for dinner. Toby, what do you teenage boys eat these days? Besides everything in my goddamn house."


Aria: "Did you call him Ezra? Or Mr. Fitz? We had a bet going."
Emily: "I called him neither thing. It was just the two of us."
Aria: "Thanks! I will start talking about my relationship now."
Emily: "Oh, good."

...But no, not this time! Because hanging in Aria's locker is an ENVELOPE! And in that envelope is a pretty EARRING!

Emily: "Are you about to have a flashback? I hope it's about something that matters..."


Way back before Iceland, Byron told Aria that he was no longer seeing Meredith and that everything was back to normal. Alison didn't buy that for a second, so she dragged Aria to his office at the college, and started sniffing -- literally -- around. She detected Meredith somehow on the couch, and then randomly produced these earrings out of nowhere, which proved her case I guess.

(Except for how she obviously planted them, for what reason we can only speculate, but my guess would be that it was basically to see if Aria was ever going to do anything interesting. A goal which, as with most things Alison, I fervently agree.)

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