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Blood Is The New Black

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Jenna can see, Hanna's visits to Mona at the Radley Institute for Gifted Youngsters are pissing everybody off (except Wren), that jailed Garrett is being as unhelpful as usual, Jenna can totally see, and Aria's parents finally, finally got divorced. But after a summer of little to no drama, somebody managed to drug sad old Emily, kidnap her, and position her above Alison's empty grave. So now -- in addition to being paranoid about that for some reason I still don't get -- they're also getting grosser scarier messages than ever from the new A (or As) with like, actual dead-people stuff from the coffin.


Ella: "You know how in this book, Hedda Gabler was this strong, proud woman who wouldn't stand for being blackmailed? We could learn a lot from Hedda. Except for the part where she kills herself."
Class: "Spoiler alert!"
Ella: "Read the book, ya dinks."

Emily reaches into her purse and pulls out ... A necklace made of human teeth! The thing that happens next is called a dolly shot, or a Vertigo shot, because it was first used in a DC Comics imprint focusing on dark fantasy and creator-owned properties in the mid-nineties. Also, I love Norman Buckley so very much.

Necklace: "D-E-A-D G-I-R-L-S C-A-N-T S-M-I-L-E !"
Emily: "Oh, I get it. Because teeth. I have to go barf now."

Liars: "May we be excused to go watch Emily barf?"
Ella: "Sure, what else is new."


Hanna: "Holy shit, are those teeth? Are they Alison's teeth? Whose teeth?"
Aria: "I think I'm going to have a panic attack."
Liars: "This new A is pretty gross, you know? But I bet they aren't even human teeth. Like how the hockey stick had just rat blood on it."
Hanna: "They are totally human teeth! I am familiar with teeth! They are an area of my expertise!"

Liars: "Okay, for the next five minutes let's try to take this seriously. Between kidnapping and drugging Emily, and now this accessory, it seems like shit is heating up."
Emily: "I can't help feeling like everything is always my fault."
Liars: "The more you say that, the more we're inclined to agree with you. And that's not fair to any of us, really. Maybe you could remember like one helpful fact."
Emily: "My faulty memory has been an issue for some time, kittens. No dice."

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