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Actually, no. First, go read Libba Bray's Beauty Queens, because it will change your life.


Ashley Marin slept with dreamy-but-mean Detective Wilden to get her daughter Hanna out of a shoplifting charge. Later, she stole money from an old lady and kept it in the pasta cabinet, where nobody would think to look, because of carbs. Hanna ruined some weddings, had real bad luck with cars and boats, and is dating a werewolf.

Ella Montgomery kind of secretly knew that her daughter Aria was still holding hands and doing strange paper bag sex rituals with a man-child, but held her tongue -- until Aria nearly caused a martial arts expert to die of an aneurysm from her constant harassment and questions. Into this mix comes a third fellow, Jonah, an acquaintance of Vivian Darkbloom, who does not exist.

Emily Fields was off the swim team for arbitrary shovel-related reasons, which was especially brutal because their Sisyphean season never ends; her horrible girlfriend Maya vanished into a cloud of ultimata and whining, but psycho-haired former stalker Paige was waiting in the wings. On that note, everybody tried to drown everybody else at least once. At least four conspiracies -- spanning all ages, genders and socioeconomic levels -- are in play to hide the truth of Alison DiLaurentis's life and death. Everybody also at some point or another hooked up with Jenna Thing, who eventually went blind and is now -- the lucky so-and-so -- dating Noel Kahn, whose love and eventual dastardy has sent Mona Vanderwaal into whole new realms of insanity and sudden unforeseen skills.

Spencer found out that Jason DiLaurentis is her half-brother, and used this information -- as she uses all information -- to try and solve various murder mysteries that she likely will never solve, because she is a crazy person and because her family members have a habit of vanishing suddenly for long periods of time, leaving her in an empty half-lit house that more and more resembles the Cavanaugh Place. The only bright spot, now that her lover Toby has run for the hills, is an incredibly hot young British doctor named Wren.

Sometimes people are named things like "Wren," or "Thayer," but to be honest it's not very often that this happens, even in Rosewood.


Liars: "Wait, so you just randomly have two grand that you're going to give to this sketchy corporate spy?"
Aria & Spencer: "Yes, and you can't come."
Emily & Hanna: "Why not?"
Aria: "Because see above RE: Sketchy Corporate Spy. You two are the weak links, this guy already knows me even if he thinks I'm Alison, and Spencer is supplying the money."
Liars: "Which, whence?"
Spencer, off her game for once: "Um, It's fr... Portfo... Investme... Prosti... I have a relative. Relative."
Aria: "I mean, it's a bargain at any price. And once we all get murdered it's not like we'll ever have to pay this money back."

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