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Spencer interpreted a mysterious A note for Toby and then played the part of his dead mother in a scheme to unlock the secrets of the demented Dr. Heavy-Air, while Dr. Wren Kingston engineered Veronica Hastings's recusal as Ashley Marin's lawyer and Mona was returned to her old room at Radley Sanitarium, so Hanna's downward spiral continues unabated. (And she doesn't even know that Caleb is only here for another week!)

Aria took her relationship with Karate Jake to the next level, while Ezra was discovering that Malcolm isn't even his son. (Unless the lab, located in Philly, has been infiltrated, which would be an amazing triple-snap twist in Ezra's brain, which is already headed south.) Most freakily, former athlete and imminent singleton Emily Fields was treated to two very important clues by Jessica DiLaurentis: One is that Alison and CeCe Drake were used to switching their souls between their bodies, and two is that Redcoat has been making her temporary home under the DiLaurentis house.


Resolved: CeCe Drake nearly killed Jenna Thing, has been living under the floorboards and quote "staring up Emily's skirt" for a while now, may blame the Liars (and/or B-Team) for getting kicked out of UPenn, and possibly is a reptile.

Emily: "How am I supposed to live in that house?"
Aria: "Just stay on the second floor..."
Spencer: "...And wear underwear at all times."
Emily: "Creepshot jokes: Not real funny to the girl who got molested at a day spa."

Hanna appears in a pastel pink blazer, foreshadowing conflict with Spencer over their moms' legal issue.

Hanna: "Explain to me yet again about how come Veronica can't be my mom's lawyer?"
Spencer: "They took her down, honey. She's protecting your mom by not being involved. Once that anon told the judge she threatened Mona, it was all over."
Hanna: "I still don't get it. I just don't understand this storyline of mine at all."
Emily: "Why is Lieutenant Tanner here? Is it because it's baked ziti day?"

Tanner: "How are you and your mother enjoying the quasi-homeless life?"
Emily: "You say that with a smile but actually, words can hurt."
Tanner: "I don't care about your feelings because you keep coming to the police station and fucking up my life. Have you been back to the scene? I mean 'your former home'?"
Emily: "No. Do you know, in turn, who ran over my house with that car?"

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