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Right outside the school cafeteria, Maya spots Emily and gifts her a pretty red scarf that she thought would look "spectacular" on her friend. This merits a quick hug and a smile. And we move on to Hanna, Spencer and Aria, who are dressed far better than any high school students I've ever seen. Spence is in a frilly sleeveless top with a sleek pencil skirt and a smart bag. Hanna's wearing a gorgeous black-and-white dress (that looks designer) and a huge woven leather belt and a big gold chain. Aria's got on some hideous short-sleeved sweater thing. They are discussing why Melissa got whisked away to New York for a shopping spree and Spencer didn't. Hanna says that Spencer needed the retail therapy, too. Um, I think Spencer's wardrobe is pretty much set. Emily walks over, and the girls all gush over her scarf but she lies and says it isn't new. Hanna's phone starts ringing, and she lets it ring for a while. They all say they know it can't be "A," but she looks down and realizes that it's her dad. As she walks off to take the call, the other girls say they don't know if she's even talked to her dad since he split, and Spencer says it's don't ask, don't tell. Aria gets a message, but it is some sort of post from some random person named Arthur. She says she added him in a moment of weakness, but as this useless conversation continues, they bump into Toby in the hallway. When he passes, Aria wonders if that could have been "A". They agree that they aren't sure, but they'll avoid Toby and Jenna just to be safe.

Hanna's outside the cafeteria in an atrium-looking area, on the phone with her dad. He's in Pennsylvania and wants to see her, if she isn't too busy, and they make plans to see each other that night. She starts to ask if Melrose Mom told Deadbeat Dad about her recent run-ins with the law, but he doesn't seem to know what she's talking about.

Aria enters Mr. Fitz's classroom. OK, now I'm seeing her entire outfit, or what there is of it. The hideous sweater has ruffles on the bottom that barely cover her midriff. She's wearing calf-high black boots and a jean skirt that is smaller than the purse she's got over her shoulder. That's one way to get your teacher's attention. God forbid he drops a pencil and she bends over to grab it. Yet she still has on two necklaces. Maybe less accessories and more clothing? Just a thought. She says that she saw Fitz riding his bike around, and he said he spotted her and waved. He claims he would have stopped, but she wasn't alone. Their stilted conversation warms up a bit when she tells him that her friends thought he had nice legs. He wants her opinion on the matter, and she says she was embarrassed that they were talking about his legs. He basically asks for some sort of status between the two of them. She says it isn't smart, and he says it definitely isn't. OK, that's my official drinking game rule No. 2 (after No. 1, which would be drink any time they get a message from "A"), whenever either Aria or Fitz says that their whatever is a bad idea. She starts to walk off, but he says they need to talk. He invites her over for dinner. He wants to talk to her when he doesn't have to look over Dan's fauxhawk. They make plans for 7 that evening.

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