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The next day Hanna's all aglow about the fact that her father took her to the Jolly Rogers amusement park, and they walked around and talked about all her issues. It went so well that he's going to take her to dinner that night because he has something he wants to tell her. Five bucks says he's getting remarried. She thinks that he wants to spend more time with her, and invite her to summer with him in Maryland. The girls wonder if she'd consider this, and she says she would, but she'd never completely abandon her mother. Oh, so thoughtful. Taking care of the woman who slept with a detective so you could stay popular. And I'd like to note that even though the rumor mill has probably taken hold of the gossip that she smashed Sean's car, she doesn't seem to be ostracized by her fellow classmates. Though it is oddly suspicious we haven't seen Mona around lately.

Mr. Fitz walks into class and wonders aloud if anyone else is bothered by Atticus' hypocrisy at the end of the book, since he insisted on justice in his court case, but is willing to go along with a cover-up when it is convenient for him. Spencer says that he was protecting Boo Radley from the justice system, and Fitz says that it was covering up a crime, and letting his own son take the fall in the process. Aria says that Atticus' kids would have gotten killed if it weren't for Boo, so Atticus' let his son Jem take the fall (because of some residual guilt issues over a court case where someone was unfairly convicted) and let Boo the savior go. Fitz says that this is noble, but if Jem was wide awake, instead of lying unconscious he might have disagreed. Know-it-all Aria says that Jem would have gone along with the cover-up since he was brought up right. The rest of the class sits in uncomfortable silence. A fellow student says that Atticus knew he could get Jem off, since he was a lawyer, and it has nothing to do with how someone is brought up. Fitz, who hasn't taken his piercing eyes off of Aria, says that the whole book is about how we're shaped into adults, and says this other generic student must not have been paying attention. He says that at least Aria made an attempt to understand the book. Random student says that given Boo's race, it would have been hard for him to get Boo acquitted of the crime, but getting the charges against Jem dropped would be easy. More awkward silences in the class.

In the hallway, Emily opens her locker and sees Ben and some of his idiot friends cackling in the corner as Toby opens his locker to find it filled with shaving cream. Instead of offering to help him clean it up, she walks away. Emily might be a stone-cold selfish bitch.

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