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At dinner, Hanna's dad says he hopes Sean's not going to be jealous that she's spending two nights with her father instead of him. She says she's not talking to Sean. He wants to know what the deal is, and if the crash was really more about Alison. She says that she sometimes wishes she could just get away and clear her head. He seems to understand, and says there are some matters to discuss. In walks Isabelle, his fiancée, and her daughter Kate. Woo-hoo, I was right. Cliché central.

Spencer is in her room, staring at the Alison bracelet, when she hears a noise downstairs. She goes down without turning any lights on. Has she never seen horror movies? She grabs a knife from the kitchen, and finds a drunken Wren with a potted rosebush that he picked up from their garden. He says that he's been trying to reach her, but she's blocked his calls. She says that's not the case, but then she realizes that he busted the door trying to get in. He says that he has been constantly thinking of her and wants to take responsibility for their kiss. He asks her to summon her father, but she informs him that the family is in New York with Melissa, leaving their teenage daughter at home and completely unsupervised. Anyway, he drops the plant, they both go to pick it up and end up in a tumble on the floor. He hits on her, they nearly kiss, but she offers him some coffee instead. He'd prefer Scotch, since he doesn't like to mix beverages. As she helps him up and shows him the knife that she was planning on taking down the intruder with, we see that their little interlude is being videotaped by someone outside.

Aria storms up to Mr. Fitz's door and barges in when he opens the door. She is all up in arms because he told her she was immature and then tried to protect her from a debate in class, and she thinks that everyone knew there was something weird about his comments. She continues her schpiel to say that she doesn't get him, he needs to shut up about her parents and how he thinks he knows her but he doesn't. He just agrees that he doesn't know anything about her. But then he closes his door so they can have their talk.

Spencer and Wren share some coffee, and he apologizes for getting her involved in this whole muddled mess and giving Melissa one more reason to hate her. She wants to know why he had to get drunk to talk Spencer's dad, and he claims it is mostly because her dad's a terrifying person, and also because he kind of screwed things up between the sisters. Wren thinks that things will eventually go back to normal, but she's not sure that's necessarily the best. She does say that even though she hates Melissa's guts, she didn't want to hurt her sister. Really? No one would blame her. Wren goes to leave, not to head all the way to Philadelphia, but to stay at a cheap nearby hotel. She says he's not fit to drive and takes his keys.

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