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Spencer walks Wren to the hotel, and Hanna shows up to pick her up. Before Wren goes into the dumpy room, he says he wasn't lying when he told her that he wished he'd met her first. And then he gives her a big old kiss, which causes Hanna's eyes to pop out of her head. He invites her inside, but she said she's over her limit of stupid decisions lately. Inside the car, the radio DJ says he's got a request for Hanna from her best friend "A." It's the song, "I Don't Need You Anymore." When Spencer sits in the car, she tells Hanna it isn't what it looked like (but it is). And Hanna sits in stunned silence a minute before telling Spencer that they are way out of their league.

Outside the cupcake shop, Emily walks up to meet Maya. Maya says she doesn't know if she's allowed to hug Emily or not, since there are security cameras around. Emily apologizes for freaking out about the pictures, and then Maya wants to know if this is really about the kiss. Of course it is. Turns out that Emily actually liked the kiss but is worried about what it means. Maya tells her to stop thinking so much. Emily asks for some time and space... from everyone. Maya agrees, but says that she cares about Emily, so she'll wait.

Aria arrives back at home to talk to her Holly Marie Mom, but mom is preoccupied by a letter that she's reading. She doesn't say anything, but hands the typewritten note to Aria and walks out of the room. It basically says that her husband was having an affair before Iceland and may be resuming it now and that if she doesn't believe the note, she should ask her daughter. It's just signed "A." See, blocking messages is useless.

Hanna and Spencer fight about the next course of action in the "A" situation, given that Spencer's blocking messages plan didn't work now that "A" is calling radio stations to leave messages. Then they see the potted rosebush, which was on the floor, all neatly arranged on the counter. They panic that this means that someone took Alison's bracelet and run upstairs. They find the bracelet, but are shocked when they turn around. Emily walks past Toby's house and sees a shadowy figure that looks like him in the window, as she gets an SOS message from Spencer. Aria's still reading the note when she gets an SOS from Spencer as well. The girls run over and see that the mirror has writing on it. "It won't be that easy, bitches. - A" Well, there's no comma, but when you are writing in lipstick, punctuation is probably not a priority. Hanna notices that it is in Jungle Red, Alison's signature color. They all look horrified, and we're treated to some more shadows moving around the house and another look at the artfully arranged shattered rosebush.

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