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The Liars are divided about watching the video a bunch more times and trying to decode its secrets, but then it doesn't matter anyway because Ian comes in and invites them all to have some popcorn and watch a chick flick with Melissa in the barn. He invites Emily to leave the swimteam and join field hockey, corralling the Liars into a new configuration that gives him more power, and everybody stares at everybody else thinking they're in the same room as a killer they just saw on video, and finally he gets the message that he's being frozen out, and leaves.

Of course, this lasts five seconds and then he's back again, but it's mostly just so Spencer can stress out about the fact that Ian's in the room with her laptop, which is frozen on Ian and right out there in the open. It is very, very creepy and the girls are all climbing out of their skins, but of course he didn't see it... Unless, of course, he did.

Big thing this week is the danceathon, where they all get pledges by-the-dance to finance a class trip to DC. Hanna's Chair of Decorating, but since she got run over by that car that time she's more of a supervisor, which annoys the Liars and stresses Sean out to no end. Of course, Hanna's more focused on the fact that she managed to get her mom's stolen money re-stolen, and all she can think about is earning money so her mom doesn't go to prison: An out that A is offering, at terrible price.

Hanna runs off to yell at somebody about something, and Aria thinks about maybe breaking her other leg, because Aria is awesome in this episode for once. Even the Ezra stuff, she rocks. It's fun. There is discussion of how they need to take Spencer's laptop to the police, but the concern -- and this is how paranoid they're getting -- is that somehow the video itself is a setup, and there's some weird reason A would want them to take it to the cops.

"Guys, let's not try to second-guess A? We've been there. We ended up scared of Noel Kahn, who turned out to be just a jealous freak looking for a better grade."

Truth. (Although I would point out that Noel Kahn is so, so much more than that.)

And anyway, second-guessing A also sometimes gets your ass run over. Spencer goes, "We could be walking into a trap!" and Aria points out that Spencer is already living in a trap. To be fair, Spencer knows that while Ian is a Chester Molester, he's not A and he's not the killer and anyway, he wouldn't want them to have the video. Other hand, Emily points out, Toby gave Alison his sweater before she saw Ian, and that's the reason Toby will be going to the synthetic hothouse of jail.

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