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Aria heads over to Ezra's garret with coffees and pastry, because that's what sophisticated young ladies do with their boyfriends. Ezra's shifty and weird about it, and of course she thinks it's because she didn't knock three times on the door and then meet him at their prearranged place or whatever cloak & dagger shit they get up to, but actually it's because Ezra Fitz has a busy day ahead of him. Specifically, his Ella-arranged date with Simone.

This is where Lucy Hale/Aria's total badassness kicks in, and it's just great. I mean, not that Aria entirely gets what's really going on exactly -- she never will, the show would fall apart -- but she acts more like a destructive teenager and less like an annoying Delia*s version of Anaïs Nin than usual. Ezra strong-arms Aria out the door, and she rolls her eyes, and he tells her he'll count to fifty before leaving and it's all so, so gross and so, so funny to watch her deal with it. I think this is the first time I've ever completely bought into Aria Montgomery. Lucy Hale is a down girl.

Ian's making a scary serial-killer sandwich and scraping the cutting board with a huge knife when Spencer walks in on him in the kitchen. Ian confirms that she backs up her files, but says he doesn't know where her computer is -- even suggests she check the barn, like it maybe wandered across the yard -- and then notifies her that he'll be chaperoning the dance.

"It was either that or spending a night in Philly with Melissa and her business school friends," Ian smiles. "School dance felt less painful... Melissa knows it's not my scene. I'm more comfortable here." Yeah, dinner with adults and your pregnant wife seems way less interesting than a night of awkward teenage dancing. If you're a pedophile!

Ian goes on a thing about how he used to be more comfortable in Rosewood before the smalltown gossip started, and I'm not sure what he means. (I think I forgot something that he is talking about, because I don't remember any scandals with Ian. Maybe the fact that he left and then came back and then got married? Was there something about him getting his coaching job back?) On the other hand, Spencer doesn't know what the hell he's talking about either, and immediately assumes he's calling her and the Liars out for investigating him. He rolls his eyes at her total paranoia and things get nuclear: "Listen, Spence, what do you say we put the past behind us? We're living under the same roof now. Let's try and be a family." It sends a chill through Spencer, and also everybody watching, because way to push on the bruise of this entire show.

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