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Toby gave A back her Lair for a folder of possible evidence on his mother's last days at Radley. A parrot was introduced and then vanished again, leaving only a mysterious phone number. Mona got choked out by A, leading Emily to abuse prescription drugs and Aria to hook up with a hot martial arts instructor. PA state police were called in to figure out why the Liars keep killing the cops of Rosewood, and Hanna is obsessed with the idea that her mom is to blame.


Hanna: "My mother is not connected to the disappearing parrot..."
Liars: "But what we do know is that the bird is connected to Ali, who's connected to Wilden, who's connected to your mom. And to us, and to other stuff we don't know about."
A: "That reminds me of a song about bones I will listen to later. Shazam that shit."
Hanna: "So my mom ran Wilden over, so what? Sometimes you run over people. I've been involved in over eleven counts of vehicular manslaughter. It doesn't mean anything in the long run."
Liars: "Emily, have you recovered from your injury, your destroyed future, and your drug problem?"
Emily: "Mostly. I'm building up quite the tolerance, between getting roofied over and over and poisoned through pain cream and carbon monoxide poisoning."

Emily has been back to see Jessica DiLaurentis and pick up bird supplies for a bird that is no longer with us, plus a bunch of junk, all to cover for the fact that Alison had a weird predilection for writing important clues in the margins of her homework and other people's Biology textbooks and neverending-story journals with boundless empty pages in which janitors and hyperadrenalized ninjas can sketch out their latest plans and dreams and dress patterns.

Aria: "My mom's pretty happy with her barista boyfriend. I remember Ezra Fitz."
Liars: "How is your actual new boyfriend, Karate Jake?"
Aria: "He's fine, but it all feels so healthy and low-effort. I feel like we're doing something wrong that I am not feeling constantly endangered. You start to get off on it."
Liars: "I just like the convenience of everybody being here at this one coffee shop in the middle of the day."

Ella: "Oh, Barista boyfriend, that's so wonderful that you've been invited to a castle on a lake outside of Vienna to make pastries. Literally that is what is going on."
Guy: "Would you like to come with me for just under a year? We can enjoy this experience with the other four Americans who were chosen to make pastries in a castle."

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