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Won't Stop, Can't Stop
Ezra: "It was great."
Aria: "Liar! Pretty Little Liar!"
Ezra: "Wait, what?"

Eventually, stammering, he "explains" that he was yelling at Maggie's attorney, who has this strange idea that Ezra has no claim to the custody of a child he barely knows and to whom he bears no relation. "The whole thing is very complicated," he says, snotty. "I didn't want to upset you," he says, lyingly.

Aria, verbatim: "Okay, that doesn't explain your violent outburst."
Ezra: "She was in a car, and I am a tiny sexy elf of a man. She was in no danger."
Aria: "I really want to drive home that Jake is the one causing all this strife, in the hopes that you will fill his heavy bag full of a thousand knives in a minute."
Ezra: "Done. Are we cool, or do I need to tell more absurd lies?"

Things I can't even talk about now include: Everything on Aria's entire body. I just can't do it this week.


Emily: "Are you coming in?"
Shana: "Hell no! This place is scary as all get out."

Vroom! Shana isn't sticking around for your BS, no sir. Good luck getting home.

Alison runs up to Emily once she's inside, crying and sighing, talking about how much she misses Emily, but Emily wants to stick to the facts and just get this whole mess cleared up real quick.

Ali: "Did you seriously just say we could go to the cops? Or somebody's parents? I don't wanna be the one to tell you this, Em, but your parents are the most stable adults in Rosewood, and even they are pretty fucking crazy by national standards. As far as I'm concerned, staying the hell away from my mother -- except for the occasional human resources advice from within her dreams, of course -- is the #1 bonus of being dead."

Emily: "So but there are four of us, usually..."
Ali, verbatim: "I know I can trust you, Em. I'm just not sure about them... You never stopped caring about me, did you? Even after everything I put you through. You don't know how much I regret hurting you. If I could do it all over again, things would be so different..."

She breaks down. If it's an act, it is a seriously epic one. Emily, on the other hand, is just about ready to shake her to get answers: Who is doing this? Who is she hiding from? Turns out she was wrong about whoever she thought it was.

Ali: "Help me find A, so I can come home."

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