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Won't Stop, Can't Stop
Hanna: "Everything except this super weird t-shirt I'm wearing that says CREEPING on it. That, I am keeping."
Emily: "Now, wait. I know for a fact that's your favorite skirt..."
Hanna: "-- No. It was Caleb's favorite. And possibly Mona's."

Ashley: "Hanna why are all your things that own in a pile?"
Hanna: "I'm cleaning out my closet for reasons of sadness. To you, I put the same question. Why is there a pool table in our rarely used front room?"
Ashley: "Something about a burst pipe or something. I guess it's a metaphor."
Everybody: "Is it within the realm of possibility that you are going nuts."
Hanna: "When in the history of people, much less our little clique, has that helped? Look, I'm clearing the air. Would you rather I bury my feelings, like I crazily buried that gun in the yard of that sorority house that time, or do this instead?"


Emily: "Hello? Ghost or monster? You are not supposed to do this shit in a church. That's like rule one of church."
Shana: "I'm not a ghost or a monster, just a b-hole that slept with your girlfriend. I have a message from Alison."
Emily: "Alison who?"
Shana: "She wants to meet with you but you have to come alone. PS, this is not a trap."

Shana downloads that she grew up next door to Grandma D, down in Georgia, and has known Ali since she was three. Shana came to Rosewood for two reasons: Number one, to sell Halloween costumes. Number two, to figure out who killed Alison and protect her from getting killed by them again. I guess this is why she was so intimate with Noel Kahn and CeCe Drake back in those webisodes: Part of the higher order of Ali compatriots.

Emily: "Uh, then why are you dating Jenna?"
Shana: "One does not 'date' Jenna Thing. Can a mortal 'date' the storm? The night? A nest of vipers, telling secrets in a shadowed barrow? No. One merely stands still, and allows Jenna Thing to pass over, and through. And then it is gone."
Emily: "Alison hated her ass so bad she blinded her."
Shana: "Keep your friends close, your enemies closer, and Alison's enemies... Generally I sleep with those, apparently."
Emily: "Fine. Prove you're actually her emissary by [a sad way that we will find out later but is very convincing]."


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