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Don't Bring Your Daughter To Work Day


Ezra: "This is Connor's word against Mikey's, correct?"
VP: "Oh great. Fitz is involved now. What a shocker."
Ezra: "The important thing is that nobody violated Mike's medical privacy, right?"
VP: "I mean, if he's crazy that's important..."
Ezra: "Yeah. Right up until you harassed his sister about it."
VP: "And again, it's kind of fucked up that you are swooping in on this. I was given to understand that you and Aria Montgomery were no longer swooping each other."
Ezra: "And yet. I think we both know I'm blackmailing you, and it's going to work."


Spencer: "Just cut to the good stuff."
Caleb: "Here are all the calls he made. Lots to the same number in New York..."
Toby: "-- Including right after we left him the first time."
Spencer: "Since -- cleverly enough -- none of us have the information necessary to connect this guy back to Jenna, since I didn't see him at the airfield and you didn't see him at the funeral, let's assume CeCe Drake split to New York when she split."
Caleb: "To what end? Why she want to ruin Ashley or hurt Hanna?"
Toby: "Or any of you? She's great! Unless she helped set the fire. Or one of them was in league with the other."
Spencer: "She left because she was afraid of him. Scenario. They did set the fire, she then killed him, and this is all a coverup."
Boys: "Making her pretty much A?"
Spencer: "I mean who really knows. Just who the fuck knows what's going on at this point."

Spencer: "By the way, Toby, CeCe visited Mona in Radley. I guess that would have been interesting news to tell you at any point."
Toby: "We need a moment in private if we're going to discuss that, for whatever reason I am always so weird about my mom and Radley even though they couldn't be more obviously connected to A and thus up for discussion."
Caleb: "Don't start making out or anything! Just kidding, go for it. I miss Hanna."

Toby: "When did you find this out?"
Spencer: "Back when I was there. I found her visitor's pass in an old rocking-horse after hallucinating a homoerotic dance sequence with a ghost."
Toby: "I cannot process any of that. Do you think that crazy nonsense doctor might have been talking about CeCe Drake killing my mom?"

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